Shadowscapes Tarot – Ten of Pentacles

On this card we see a young woman riding a dragon. She holds a gigantic peach and the dragon has a pentacle-coin dandling from one of his claws. There is also a castle in the far distance.

The castle can barely be made out, and things could still go sideways if one is not careful enough. The woman, however, seems pretty careful: she looks towards the castle -is that her goal? and she holds onto the dragon.

Let’s not forget that the word “dragon” is used as a code-name for the Devil, at times. The relation to the Devil card is made through the dangling coin, and we all know that “money is the eye of the devil.”

Therefore, we already know already that:

  • the pentacle suit is related to money, wealth, material needs, practicality, and even bankers,
  • 10s are related to something that is complete.

With this in mind, we should probably be careful about how we act once we reach the wealth we hope for. I’ll go a bit more in depth later on.

The general color of the card is a vibrant green with hints of golden – making me think of money. There is only one corner that is purple.. Is that a sign of royalty? This isn’t far fetched given the castle.

The overall message of this card is one can enjoy affluence and financial security, good fortune, and luxury.

The image makes me think that financial security is not necessarily or always self-earned, or at least not entirely. It comes from a strong supporter who might have something to gain when helping out, as well. this particular image makes me think of a ‘sugaring’ relationship. [please do your own research on this subject if you’re not familiar with it.]

The dragon hoarded a fortune and is maybe too old, or tired to enjoy it all by himself. Sharing it with the young woman he can be sure it will be put to good use – the fruit she carries has a pit as well, that can grow into a tree.

But she needs some help, even financial help to make this happen. The dragon might get enough just from seeing the woman using the resources she receives for something good.

Her belly seems rounded, and this is a sign of pregnancy. She might be full of ideas that need proper care and resources to grow and materialize. Also, a pregnancy hints towards a new life or that a life(style) change is about to happen -after all, parenthood does change the way the parent(s) live(d/s).

So, perhaps, if we reach a level of wealth that enables us to somehow be of help, we should do that. This is somehow hinted at with the trees beneath them, as they all seem fruitless, whereas she has a peach that she can use to grow a peach tree.

The peach is a symbol of youth and longevity, and in East Asia, it is seen as a lucky symbol. Read more about it over here.

It also seems like to me they’re having one-another’s back. There’s trust between them. Partnership – mostly in a business-like environment.

More information here.

©Charly Cross 2013 – present. All rights reserved.

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