Shadowscapes Tarot – Eight of Pentacles

The main color of the card is green, pointing to money and abundance.

On this card, we see a big black and red spider building his web. He is close to what appears to be its center. He used a near-by tree branch as the basis for his web, as well as a rather thin whimsical grass-blade for a second side.

We don’t see the 3rd point of support, which makes me think this spider is not as wise as we would assume. His web also has some holes and doesn’t seem ‘perfect’. Any wind blowing can tear it apart, which probably happened already.

If you look closely at the art on the card you can see 2 human-like figures and 3 faces in the tree branch. How scary is that? Maybe the web is more effective than what we first thought?

It could also point to the basis all of have: our parents, since there are 2 figures in the tree. And the tree is the most solid point holding the spider web.

The couple seen there also makes me think of a person’s parents, being pretty happy with their child, and knowing it will be hard for the child to make it out there, but they know the kid will make it.

The spider works hard to make the web, and even though it’s not perfect, he does manage to build it by himself.

The whimsical grass blade that the spider used as one of the supports for his web can point to the random people entering our lives – siblings, classmates, partners, colleagues, other people we meet.

The 3rd supporting base for the web is not seen. This points to the twists and turns in life, luck or its lack, and generally situations that we cannot control.

Interestingly enough, there are 3 main strings attached to this unseen support. The leaf has the most strings and then the tree.

However, when the wind blows, the leaf can easily break about half of the web. Its center seems closer to the tree which will still hold the remaining web.

Since Stephanie chose a spider and its web for this card, I think it’s also a warning, depending on the situation in the querrent’s life. Be wary of those who always seem to have a plan ready. Try to be careful not to fall into traps carefully designed, that we don’t see them? [like a fly]

Think here of a bad loan [like the payday loan], or of the secret charges of a hotel, since the pentacles represent money. Other wary situations are with jobs that seem interesting, promise good pay, but when you go to the interview, you learn a completely different story. Or the “interview” is a waste of time because the interviewer doesn’t say much despite talking for hours.

Or is it that when we think we have the secret plan to success [of any kind] we should work at it in secret, in ways that would make people wonder ‘what is he up to’? – I’m not sure what I mean here, but something close to being an entrepreneur in a niche nobody thought of before or is yet to be explored in your area.

Remember that this card is related to the Strength from the major arcana. It means we need some rules when trying to achieve something higher, and at times we need to be creative in making the most out of the rules, as they can limit us.

More information here.

©Charly Cross 2013 – present. All rights reserved.

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