Shadowscapes Tarot – Page of Wands

card details

A female figure dressed in orange plays the violin with a really long wand. The wand curl and grows green leaves at one end. There is a tear drop shape design on her forehead. She also has crystal-like, multicolored wings. A red ribbon is wrapped and tied to her upper left arm. There is also a strong light at her back, and she stands tall.

5 foxes at her feet, curled against her skirt listen to her music. 2 mystical figures accompany her: one beats a drum, the other plays a guitar like instrument [what do they call that instrument?] Several fae figures fly around the female, mesmerized by her music.

We also see 2 large sea shells on the ground – Fibonacci spirals. 2 tree branches, and what appears to be a circle behind everything.

All I can say, is that I can almost hear the tune she plays: calm, hypnotic, yet full of energy, and healing at the same time.

The foxes seem to have been on quite the journey and adventures – from discovering the wand on the ace, to protecting their young ones in the 7 of wands, and so on. Now they rest, soothed by the music, and they refuel.

Some more information here. I first wrote this here.

What do you think?

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