Shadowscapes Tarot – Page of Wands

A female figure dressed in orange plays the violin with a really long wand. The wand curl and grows green leaves at one end. As a matter of fact, this wand resembles a staff more than anything.

She has a tear drop shape design on her forehead -is that her 3rd eye? and her hair is flying in the wind. The way her hair flies, makes me think of hair floating underwater.

She also has crystal-like, multicolored wings. She is clearly not of this world, not human.

A red ribbon is wrapped and tied to her upper left arm. Perhaps her mission, purpose in life is to soothe? Perhaps she’s using music or nature to do so.

There is also a strong light at her back, and she stands tall and is in partial control. The light seems to also illuminate her long skirt, as if it were fire.

5 foxes at her feet, curled against her skirt listen to her music. 2 mystical figures accompany her:

  • one beats a drum,
  • the other plays a guitar like instrument [what do they call that instrument?] Her tune is stronger though, more powerful because the foxes look towards her violin. But it can’t be played without some help.

The figure with the drum is the one in control for he dictates the rhythm of the tune.

Other elements on this card are:

  • Six fae figures fly around the female, mesmerized by her music.
  • We also see 2 large sea shells on the ground – Fibonacci spirals. Even the tips of her hair appear to form some spirals. The guitar like instrument also has a spiraled end.
  • 2 tree branches which make us think of the High Priestess. In fact, there are 2 smaller tree branches, going opposite direction, just like the branches under the Priestess’ feet, and they blend in with the background.
  • A circle behind everything. It’s almost like the water ripples formed by a rock dropping on the water’s surface. However, this is more like a vertical liquid wall.

All I can say, is that I can almost hear the tune she plays: calm, hypnotic, yet full of energy, and healing at the same time. Additionally, we should pay attention to who is the one really “dictating” the situation, if things appear too “perfect”, or too … “something”… off?

Think about this: would her tune sound the same without the guitar-like instrument? how about without the drum? how about without both of them? In any situation, we need to look at the bigger picture not at the main actor(s), to really get a good understanding of what is happening.

The foxes seem to have been quite on the journey and adventures – from discovering the wand on the ace, to protecting their young ones in the 7 of wands, and so on. Now they rest, soothed by the music, and they refuel.

Or perhaps they are waiting to see how the music unravels. What will happen next. Remember that foxes are seen as sneaky, or wise at times. They’re not as “brave or dangerous as their cousins, the wolves.

Some more information here. I first wrote some of this on here.

©Charly Cross 2013 – present. All rights reserved.

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