Shadowscapes Tarot – The Ace of Pentacles

From the official site:

The earth element. Prosperity, abundance, trust, security.

There are 2 main colors on this card: green and golden yellow. There are 7 green lizards – 4 or them looking like chameleons, 2 tree branches, a little stone structure, a huge coin with a face in the middle under the branches, and a stylized sun (or several circles) above the branches. There are also several Fibonacci spirals to be seen, a few of them in the tails of the chameleons. 

You can get more insight from this thread, but I personally am not fond of the meanings they found, so I won’t reproduce any.

What strikes me is that the luck or prosperity is represented through numbers – 7 and 8. Eight is actually more hinted at by the position of the branches and it’s the Chinese pictogram for 8: 八 [ba1]. 

Another striking thing is the hint at Christianity “in Earth as is in Heaven” or “as above, so below”. This hint is given by the 2 circles above and below the branches. 

The many lizards of different sizes and on different levels hint at a family that is settled, possibly has strong bonds and they listen or respect the elder(s) or the head of the family. This is also suggested by the little stones mounted one on top of the other.

Green and yellow hint at good health, prosperity, abundance, while the lizards at stability because they’re good climbers.  

What do you think?

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