Shadowscapes Tarot – the Empress

The Empress of the Shadowscapes is a colorful card.

Meaning from the official site: Creativity, nurturing, abundance, fertility, experiencing the senses, and embracing the natural.

It is also full of symbols: rings or crowns [what are they really?], butterflies, roses, the red ribbon, fruits, little faeries in the tree trunk, a heart, the sun, rays of light, the color purple.

All these symbols have a meaning, and you need to see how you intertwine them with the meanings of the other cards in the spread.

I had to insert 2 details – too pretty ❤

What do people think of this card? On this page,

Sagefire says: <<that painting by Botticelli, with Spring in a fine dress and Flora next to her sprouting from the mouth as Zephyrus blows on her. A quick search yields, “As she talks, her lips breathe spring roses...“>> She then continues (i’m assuming it’s a woman talking): <<she is not resting and being calm like she’s usually seen. Upright, exhibiting her power, and NOT pregnant!!>>

Peregrin adds, in regards to the Empress eerie hand and fingers: <<fingernails are yet another thing that grows, and for the empress, everything grows abundantly and extravagantly.>>

As I type this, I can’t stop thinking that all this creativity seen in this card gives hope [butterflies] for a bright future [the suggested sun]. I see the abundance in the basket full of fruits and the extravagance in the plenty roses at the woman’s feet.

What do you think?

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