Shadowscapes Tarot – Two of Cups

The Two of Cups is a card about making connections.

The image Depicted by Stephanie has a lot of Yin/Yang symbolism in it. There is also a Yin/Yang kind of figure under the 2 figures. The sign is made of 2 fish in a circle.

The 2 main figures are swirling one around the other like the DNA spirals.

We can also see a red heart, and 4 golden fish swimming. the hair of the 2 figures grow out into 3 trees. In fact, their bodies seem to be the trunks of the trees.

What i find really weird is that both figures appear to be female: we can clearly see a side breast on the brown one and the lighter one also seems to have breasts. This is bizarre, because most other cards depicting couples, the 2 have clearly opposite genders.

Pulling this card could clearly mean “love is in the near future,” but it can also point to a business connection.

What i think we should learn from this card is that if we meet someone with whom “we just clicked” we should probably nurture that connection however we can. These kind of people are goo in our lives, they’re good for us. And who knows, maybe we’re good for them too.

We just need to learn how o recognize these people: we feel at ease around them, we feel like we want to talk to them. They’re also usually opposite of what we are: they could be an introvert while we are an extrovert, or vice-versa. However, they will have some trait we also possess.

© Charly Cross 2013 – present. All rights reserved.

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