Shadowscapes Tarot – Ace of Cups

The first things we see on this card are the big yellow fish, faes and the elegant cup. Some fish seem to fly or float above the cup while others swim under it.

Blue and gold are the main colors of the card. None of the fish or the faes are looking at us. 

These are some things to consider when dealing with the Ace of Cups [from the official page]:

The water element. Deep feelings, intimacy, compassion, love.

For me, this suite is rather sad, melancholic. Sometimes almost void of life.

I can say this especially about this card: just look at these details.

There are other things to consider regarding the card. You can read more over here. So what does the Ace card usually indicate when reading the tarot? 

According to my research, the Ace is the root force, the spark or seed of the suite they belong to. These cards are related to the Magician. 

Additionally, they symbolize the beginning as well, since when we start counting, we begin with number one. The alphabet starts with the letter A, which is often seen on playing cards. 

These cards have no purpose here, they have only full, raw potential, while pointing to a future that can be obtained. 

You can clearly see this aspect as the fish seem to use the cup to go from the water underneath to the water/air above.

The Cups are related to the emotions, intuition, relationships, mystery and religion.

What do the colors tell us?

As mentioned, there are 2 main colors seen on this card: blue and yellow or gold.


<<Blue is a cool and calming color that shows creativity and intelligence. […]  loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. […]  calming effect on the psyche. >> read more over here


<< happiness and optimism. […]  creativity. […]  self-depending color, not being connected to emotional feelings. >> read more over here.

For even more color symbolism, check out this page

Aspects to remember

Since the Ace hold raw potential of a possible future, you can’t really interpret this card alone in a reading. You’ll probably need at last 1 more to help you understand the message. 

Depending on the situation, the person you read to, the question asked, you could interpret this card alone, but it can be difficult. 

I’ll give you 1 example:

Say, a client comes and asks about the future with this new person they met. This card obviously relates to the situation: it can indicate a pretty love story, full of emotions… but careful there!

These emotions will not always be happy ones, since in this particular deck, there seems to be a lot of sadness in these Cups. If you pull out another card, you can better understand the message in front of you.

You can also try and see how does the client look: happy and excited, or anxious and unsure? Things can go either way even if they look happy and excited. However, if they look anxious and unsure, that’s a clear sign that this new relationship will only bring them tears. And not happy ones.

Again, depending on the situation, if you pull out this card, it can mean that this is a good time to start acting towards a goal. Even a long term one. 

What do you think?

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