The Shadowscapes Tarot – Queen of Swords

Hello everyone!

I thought I’d come here and talk about the Queen of Swords from the Shadowscapes tarot deck.

I’m not even half-way done with these entries, and i have 2 more decks to try and interpret, as you all may remember.

So, what do we see?

When picking up this card, i see 2 main things: the main character, the Queen, and the dominant color, pale yellow.

Let’s talk about these in order, shall we?

The Queen wears a long and flowy dress. There seems to be a gust of wind blowing her dress a little bit. The color of the dress is also pale yellow.

She is a supernatural being because she has wings. Her wings are barely noticeable due to their color that blends in with the background.

The Queen doesn’t appear to be aware of what surrounds her, just what is in front of her.

Speaking of the nature around her, there are 3 purple calla flowers at the Queen’s feet. They stand out against the pale yellow seen everywhere else. There are additional calla flowers present, but they’re white.

There are also 2 birds at her feet, facing towards her back. A 3rd bird rests on her left shoulder, facing the same direction as she does.

These birds are some sort of storks or other similar-looking birds. – I’m not sure what birds they are.

The Queen appears to be releasing or receiving some butterflies.

She also holds something that looks more or less like a bow. However, we can’t see any swords.

On her head, she wears something that looks like a golden crown. This is only fit for a Queen.

What does it all mean?

Color-wise, purple is associated often with royalty. Obviously, this makes sense since this is the Queen of this suite. The swords, of which we can’t see any on this card, are linked to the intellect, reason, ratio, justice, morality, and nobility. All these attributes are connected to royalty.

Someone of royal descent, or somehow connected to royalty, is often perceived as elegant, well mannered. Often, they can also be seen as uptight and conservative.

This card, like all the others in the court, could represent either the querrent or someone in their life, most often a female.

In tarot, the Queen is related to the Empress and to the element of water. Water is usually a creative force, though it can also easily destroy. Creativity brings the option to grow, develop, or/and improve.

If she releases the butterflies, it means she spreads hope, as often butterflies signify hope. Hope and creativity together can be a key to success.

Creativity is seen all around the Queen through the flowers, birds, and butterflies. These are acts of creation, or they may create more nature and beauty.

Besides the purple calla flowers, we also see white ones, which are usually used in weddings. A wedding is also an act of creation because a new family gets formed. Additionally, the couple starts a new chapter in their life. A wedding is one of the major events in a person’s life.

The birds look like some storks to me. In some beliefs or stories, storks bring babies. Babies are also part of creation. For most people, babies/kids/children bring hope and happiness.

Maybe, upon a closer look, these birds could be swans. I’m not sure of what swans could be representing. I associate them with grace and beauty.

If she releases/sends butterflies away, she gives the impression of being generous.

The overall sensation/feeling we get from this card is peace/fullness. This comes from the pale yellow color. Additionally, there’s also a feeling of sadness, still because of this color.

This is all i have for now.

©Charly Cross 2013 – present. All rights reserved.

What do you think?

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