The Shadowscapes Tarot – 3 of cups

Hey everyone!

Today it’s time we look at another tarot card interpretation. This time, it’s the Three of Cups from the now-familiar Shadowscapes Tarot deck.

I don’t know what else to say as an intro, so I’ll jump into things.

What do we see?

The first thing we see is the main color of the card, blue. There is another color or mix of 2 colors that stand out: green or green/yellow.

The next things we see on this card are the 3 mermaids, each holding a cup. One or two of them appear to be pouring a liquid from their cups into the cup of the 3rd mermaid.

We can only see what’s inside two of the cups. The contents of the 3rd cup are concealed from our view due to the angle. We also cannot see the face of the mermaid holding this cup as she’s facing the other 2 and thus we can only see her back.

We can only see the complete face of one of the mermaids and half of the face of another. These are the ones seeming to pour liquid from their cups into the 3rd. While the gesture of pouring appears, there’re no drops spilling out of their cups.

But what if instead of wanting to pour into the 3rd mermaid’s cup, they stopped pouring? And what if the 3rd mermaid wants to pour out her cup?

All the mermaids have long and wavy hair. Their hair endings form spirals. The color of their hair is white with blue and gray.

The tail part of their bodies is in the water, while their torsos are out of the water. The water appears like a whirlpool around them. At the same time, the whirlpool forms a perfect circle around them.

Another element we see is that these mermaids have extremely long tails. Their tails are also braiding at the ends.

What Does it Mean?

We know that blue is usually associated with sadness. The overall image in this card does look a bit sad.

The color green is often associated with life, new beginnings, and even money.

There’s a sense of mystery, as we see the mermaids, which are mystical creatures. Additionally, what they do is also mysterious. It could be a pagan or some other type of ritual. The mystery is deepened by the fact that one of the creatures is not facing us and we can’t see what’s in her cup either.

The feeling of mysticism is increased by the circle created by the whirlpool. Circles are associated with witches usually. However, circles have the power to protect those who stay inside of it [during the rituals]. If you know any physics, you know that cylinders [round pillars] are rather strong when compared to pillars of other shapes.

Their tails are braided. Their action and their braided tails give us the impression they’ll always be together. This feeling is intensified by the ritual.

Their action can also mean that 2 of them welcome the 3rd one in their group. This could point to a new encounter, or maybe the number of your family members will increase.

Thi card can also tell you that if you get an idea, you’ll have to take care of it, nourish it. This means that some plans must be thought out carefully before being put into practice.

Remember that the cards of the Minor Arcana can be related to the Major Arcana. The threes are connected to the Empress. [this entry needs editing]

I said earlier: <And what if the 3rd mermaid wants to pour out her cup?> Considering this suite is related to emotions, intuition, relationships, this card could also point to a breakup or separation. This is accentuated by the blue [sad color] of the card. In any case, to make sure this is the “true” meaning of this card, you have to evaluate the other cards around it, as well.

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