3 Romanian cakes -Originally Published on ObscureJourney

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This is just the intro to the full blog entry found on ObscureJourney blog. Find the link below, along with a picture preview of one of the cakes!

The title says it all: today i want to show you 3 Romanian cakes. These cakes can be found in any cake shop and even at the supermarket. Or this was my experience so far.

If you ever find yourself in Romania, I think you should try these cakes, but try and make sure you buy them from a cake shop: they taste better there, for some reason, compared to the ones in supermarkets. Ana Pan is where you’ll probably find the best tasting cakes, at least in Bucharest.

i should mention that we do have many other types of cakes available, but i’ll present the ones that are specific to Romania, and not imported.

to show the Savarina cake from Romania.
Savarina cake from Romania

Ok, enough rambling: CLICK HERE to read the rest of the presentation!

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Shadowscapes Tarot – Two of Cups

The Two of Cups is a card about making connections.

The image Depicted by Stephanie has a lot of Yin/Yang symbolism in it. There is also a Yin/Yang kind of figure under the 2 figures. The sign is made of 2 fish in a circle.

The 2 main figures are swirling one around the other like the DNA spirals.

We can also see a red heart, and 4 golden fish swimming. the hair of the 2 figures grow out into 3 trees. In fact, their bodies seem to be the trunks of the trees.

What i find really weird is that both figures appear to be female: we can clearly see a side breast on the brown one and the lighter one also seems to have breasts. This is bizarre, because most other cards depicting couples, the 2 have clearly opposite genders.

Pulling this card could clearly mean “love is in the near future,” but it can also point to a business connection.

What i think we should learn from this card is that if we meet someone with whom “we just clicked” we should probably nurture that connection however we can. These kind of people are goo in our lives, they’re good for us. And who knows, maybe we’re good for them too.

We just need to learn how o recognize these people: we feel at ease around them, we feel like we want to talk to them. They’re also usually opposite of what we are: they could be an introvert while we are an extrovert, or vice-versa. However, they will have some trait we also possess.

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The Tarot – How To Read

I know you were expecting a presentation of one of the cards or one of the symbols. That’s brewing for next week [hopefully].

This week, I will help you “learn how to read the tarot” cards. The process is rather long, but it can help you see other aspects of a situation, or new ways of doing the same thing.

DISCLAIMER 1: The links provided are the ones I use the most in my journey to ‘learn’ how read my deck. Other websites do exist, and other forums are even open and active. I just got used to this one and the site itself is 21 years old – this should count for something.

DISCLAIMER 2: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. I used these affiliate links to give you the option to check the book out, for yourself, if you so wish, through a well-trusted seller. While I will be very glad if you buy any of the linked items, the decision to do so or not, belongs to you. Thank you for reading!  

I will have to tell you from the start that not everyone can do it, and most definitely not with all the decks. Or perhaps they just didn’t discover the right one yet?

[boring backstory] Many years back I had an oracle deck, and the meanings of each card was pretty straight-forward: whatever you saw on the card was the meaning. I didn’t need to elaborate novels around the spread. When I first decided to have a look into the tarot, I felt lost and I didn’t understand anything, and there were many hidden messages to be discovered. I thought I could never do it.

I still wanted to own at least one deck – and I hoped for a pretty one – and then, earlier this year it happened, if you remember my online shopping haul post.

that’s the old name of this blog/site

Luckily I got this deck now older, when I understand more things, when I have generally more experience. This helped me a lot with learning how to read this deck. I first went on the official website, and then I found this forum where they were discussing each card. However, if you have more decks, or if you feel like the interpretation given by others doesn’t click with you, there’s another method!


Take each card and analyze it: see what message it has for you, based on the image. It’s perfectly fine to create keywords you associate with each card. Do try to write the meanings in an easy to flip through notebook. Though, depending on how much you write, a ‘regular’ size agenda or notebook should do.


Do simple readings with just 1 card or maximum 3 cards. These readings can be for yourself – daily or weekly- or for other people. Do try to remember the “standard” meaning of the card, and see how does it apply to the situation.

At the beginning of October I started to pull out a card in the morning, and I’d only look at it in the evening. I want to ‘test’ the accuracy of the reading by how well did the message apply in my life that day. Yesterday’s card was “the Hermit” and it applied really well – I basically was the Hermit yesterday.

that’s the old name of this blog/site


You can also buy a tarot reading guide like this one, or find one online. I started, but not finished this “21 ways of reading a tarot card.” Apparently, this is a book by Mary K Greer [and I honestly have no idea who she is]. Her method seems very good for those cards that you have a more difficult time understanding.

I believe her method also includes a notebook, so do make sure you have one handy when learning. Since the guide takes you through 21 stages, I can’t possibly imagine anyone going through the process 22 times [just for the Major Arcana] and even less for the whole deck.

Luckily, you can apply the method to an oracle deck as well.

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Shadowscapes Tarot – The High Priestess

This card is filled with symbols. A little bit too many if you ask me. As a result, when you come across it, you’ll have many many things to consider when interpreting it.

We have the red ribbon, the Fibonacci nautilus shell – several of them at that, a key, an owl and feathers, a pomegranate, sun rays, tree trunk, leaves.

The image is VERY close to that seen in the Rider-Waite deck. Placing them side by side, you’ll see how easy it will be to spot the ‘traditional’ markings of the card.

Some insight from the official page:

Meaning: Wisdom, knowledge, learning, intuition, purity, virtue. The Owl is a keeper of knowledge, and he bears a key to unlock mysteries. The pomegranate is an icon of Persephone, who tasted the seeds and thus tied herself to Hades — it is a fruit of fertility and death; and the moons embroidered upon her garments wax and wane. The new crescent, and gibbous moon that create the full cycle, embraced in one.

We have many things to consider, but the nice users of the tarotforum.net gave us a nice start. Let’s have a sneak peak:

Kloeyy says: “This card’s image screams knowledge and untold secrets. The cycle of the moon and the cycle of life ~pomegranate. To me just says it’s lessons of life.”  

Inkscape says: “While the High Priestess floats above, the owl swoops in the middle, and the tree remains grounded in our world (as Nan points out). In a way, this card represents three different types of knowledge: The Tree — primal truths. The natural world…. The Owl — animal instincts and desires…. The Priestess — enlightenment, going beyond oneself.” The user continues: <<To me, this card says: “To know, you must learn. Keep your conscience clear. Knowledge is power; don’t let it get to your head (floating). Aspire to great heights (like the High Priestess), but keep your feet on the ground (like the tree). Trust your instincts (owl).

Of course, I also chirped in, on the 2nd page, as CoffeeBlood. This is what I want to remember the most: <<I read this card can tell you to “listen to your inner voice”. we lace certain seashell u to our ears to “hear the sea” [or am i the only one doing it?] whatever we ‘hear’ in the shell is “the shell’s inner voice.” >> What I said resonates a lot with the ideas expressed by Inkscape. 

It seems nobody noticed her having wings in 2 different colors. Also there’s no mention of her belt made of twigs, similar to a really old fashioned broom. She also has feathers hanging off from her belt, and there are tree leaves falling or flying around her. But does she also have a feathered tail?

Despite her belt looking awfully uncomfortable, she seems at ease. She doesn’t seem to care about being comfortable as she puts knowledge above all else. 

We don’t know if we see her real face or if it’s just a mask. The mask acting as a character’s real face seems to be another motif throughout this deck. 

Her hair is light in color and seems to turn into sun rays. Despite this aspect, she seems to prefer the night’s darkness – the moon symbols on her robe, the owl, and her mask make me think this. 

The scene also made me think of Snow White, and the Evil Queen. In this image, the owl is Snow White (literally, that’s the owl’s color) and the High Priestess is the Evil Queen. She bit into the pomegranate, and now she wonders “pomegranate in my hand, who’s the wisest of them all: me or the owl?” Her 3rd eye is clearly open, hence she knows more than she shows – hence the suspicion of a mask.

The owl flees in fear, taking the key (to moderation? to more wisdom?) with her. All ties have been broken anyways. 

Shadowscapes Tarot – the Empress

The Empress of the Shadowscapes is a colorful card.

Meaning from the official site: Creativity, nurturing, abundance, fertility, experiencing the senses, and embracing the natural.

It is also full of symbols: rings or crowns [what are they really?], butterflies, roses, the red ribbon, fruits, little faeries in the tree trunk, a heart, the sun, rays of light, the color purple.

All these symbols have a meaning, and you need to see how you intertwine them with the meanings of the other cards in the spread.

I had to insert 2 details – too pretty ❤

What do people think of this card? On this page,

Sagefire says: <<that painting by Botticelli, with Spring in a fine dress and Flora next to her sprouting from the mouth as Zephyrus blows on her. A quick search yields, “As she talks, her lips breathe spring roses...“>> She then continues (i’m assuming it’s a woman talking): <<she is not resting and being calm like she’s usually seen. Upright, exhibiting her power, and NOT pregnant!!>>

Peregrin adds, in regards to the Empress eerie hand and fingers: <<fingernails are yet another thing that grows, and for the empress, everything grows abundantly and extravagantly.>>

As I type this, I can’t stop thinking that all this creativity seen in this card gives hope [butterflies] for a bright future [the suggested sun]. I see the abundance in the basket full of fruits and the extravagance in the plenty roses at the woman’s feet.

Shadowscapes Tarot – Nine of Cups

This card has a typo in my deck: Nice of Cups – see the picture I took and attached below. I actually don’t mind the typo because the card itself has really nice meanings – pun intended (I like puns).

The typo is due to the fact that the deck is translated into Chinese, so whoever was in charge of this deck …. probably doesn’t know or didn’t pay attention to the letters. 

Enough intro, let’s jump into things after the picture… 😉

Card description:

The first things i see when looking at this card are the overall color blue of the card and golden fish. There are some blue fish as well. We also have a merman – one of the few male characters in the deck. I do feel the deck has many more female characters than male ones. There are 8 golden fish 

This is the description from the official page:

The pleasure of the senses, satisfaction and wish fulfillment, success, assured future, bounty, and health.

The merman seems to be taking in some sort of energy from a cup. I also see a stylized sun, and a bit of a Fibonacci spiral. 

Extra stuff to know and consider:

It seems that this card means pleasure of the senses, satisfaction – and we can kind of see such feelings on the face of the merman. 

The many fish on the card also indicate abundance and can indicate an assured future. Perhaps one or more wishes will come true. 

However, the overall blue of the card makes me feel “blue” or sad. It especially makes me feel cold since this is the coolest color we know. The yellow/gold is supposed to be warm, but here cool tones of these shades are used. 

This is also a peaceful card – blue is a color that can calm a person down, that can relax. The fish are known not to make a sound (for the human ear) and even the merman seems to be meditating, and thus silent. 

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Shadowscapes Tarot – The Ace of Pentacles

From the official site:

The earth element. Prosperity, abundance, trust, security.

There are 2 main colors on this card: green and golden yellow. There are 7 green lizards – 4 or them looking like chameleons, 2 tree branches, a little stone structure, a huge coin with a face in the middle under the branches, and a stylized sun (or several circles) above the branches. There are also several Fibonacci spirals to be seen, a few of them in the tails of the chameleons. 

You can get more insight from this thread, but I personally am not fond of the meanings they found, so I won’t reproduce any.

What strikes me is that the luck or prosperity is represented through numbers – 7 and 8. Eight is actually more hinted at by the position of the branches and it’s the Chinese pictogram for 8: 八 [ba1]. 

Another striking thing is the hint at Christianity “in Earth as is in Heaven” or “as above, so below”. This hint is given by the 2 circles above and below the branches. 

The many lizards of different sizes and on different levels hint at a family that is settled, possibly has strong bonds and they listen or respect the elder(s) or the head of the family. This is also suggested by the little stones mounted one on top of the other.

Green and yellow hint at good health, prosperity, abundance, while the lizards at stability because they’re good climbers.