Hello Kitty and friends

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Well what do we have here? another review! For a book this time! And not just any book, but one written for children!

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Some back-story: I like Hello Kitty, however, this little kitty didn’t take over my house. yet. In any case, A wanted to surprise me and got me a few Hello Kitty items over the year – most of them we have use up already as they were handkerchiefs, lip balm, toothbrush, and i forgot what else. I think it’s cute to buy such items from time to time: they can really cheer a person up because they’re a bit silly in an adult’s hands.

The book is called hello kitty the wedding day. It’s the 5th book in a series of 6 with Hello Kitty and Friends. And the spoilers will follow below in orange, as usual. But first, the cover!

Hello Kitty (that’s her name for those who didn’t realize this yet) and her twin sister (I had no idea she had a twin sister, oops) get ready to attend the wedding of a family friend. Then, later on, HK and her friends have a small party at home that is supposed to mimic a wedding. Some time later, together with her sister go to the house of the bride to be to help with last minute preparations and they meet the new kitten the future bride got. The wedding day rolls on, and they discover the kitten is gone and that the decors were also messed up. Hello Kitty calls her friends to help and fix everything and they manage to do so just in time, like through magic. They also find the kitten, and the wedding proceeds with everyone attending, including the friends. 

At the end of the book, there’s a little guide for girls on how to organize a party at home, after getting the parents’ approval. 

What I liked: cute story that’s easy to read and follow. Surely little girls would really like the book.

What i didn’t like: the font used, or better said how specific words have been enhanced to stand out. The author didn’t think of how the story would sound like when read out, or maybe the author liked how it would sound like. To my ears, emphasizing those words, would sound just wrong. take a look at the pic below, and you decide if it was a good idea or not.

Let’s not forget that on these specific pages, we have a really bad repetition of shapes: “heart shapes, star shapes, and diamond shapes.” Maybe read out in a dream-like voice would sound better?  Otherwise, only the last “shapes” should remain.

Visually, I would have liked the book more if it was colored – the black and white was a huge let down for me. Or at least, they should have left us the possibility of coloring in the drawings: adding color over shades of gray is not as fun.

RATING: I rate it 3.5 stars out of 5 because of the things i disliked. :s I will keep the book because it really cheered me when i got it, and it also has a special meaning to me. 😉

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