The Shadowscapes Tarot – The Hierophant

Let’s continue with the tarot card interpretations, shall we? We have a long way to go, and I have 2 extra decks to interpret here for you.

Remember that what I’m about to say is just my opinion, and is not a set in stone interpretation. I also want to mention that I may not know or understand the meaning of all the elements on this card.

The Hierophant is the 5th card in the Major arcana.

What do we see?

The predominant color is vibrant yellow. The next color is green, and then purple or lilac.

Upon a closer look we see there is a tree with a human face and arms. He looks displeased.

This tree is the main character of the card. Its leaves are bright yellow, with a single green leaf.

There are a few other creatures in this image:

  • 3 lizards or salamanders that best resemble chameleons, all 3 being pink
    • 2 of them have halos and angel wings
  • 1 chameleon hidden in the purple rock/soil on which the tree grows
  • 1 fae-like creature in one of the roots of the tree
  • a ram or a big cat, on the staff the Hierophant holds. It is minuscule, thus we can barely make what type of animal that is.

There are many other elements and symbols to be seen:

  • a star and a sun, or 2 stars – on the elbow and in the ground
  • the Fibonacci spiral – in the tail of the purple chameleon, in some of the roots, on the shoulder,
  • a shell – in the purple ground
  • a crescent moon – in the ground
  • circles – behind the staff, in the ground
  • a 3rd eye – on the Hierophant’s forehead
  • berries – i think those are berries

We also see that the Hierophant has a big or quite long nose. His normal eyes are quite inquisitive, they seem to be judging as they’re only half-open.

The 3rd one is wide open and gives the impression it wants to hypnotize.

The roots of the Tree are buried deep in the soil beneath, but they didn’t become soil.

One element that can still be seen, but seems lost to the eye at the same time, is the little stone art behind the Tree. There seem to be 4 stones balanced one on top of the other, on the head of the purple chameleon. The stones also have some markings on them.

What does it all mean?

Stephanie wrote a lengthy story about this image and you can read it here, on the official page of the card.

One of the first things or feelings we get from this card is stability. This comes from the Tree itself, from its roots, from the rocks balanced one on top of another. The tree has a large crown and is old. This means it grew there over a long period of time. If anyone would want to remove this tree, they would have a very hard time doing so, due to its deep reaching roots.

Along with stability, we also get constancy. Something that is stable is also constant. There are many people who feel tranquil, safe, reassured, when things are stable and constant. For others, this can be scary as they might feel trapped.

Now, let’s not forget that the stones are balanced on the head of the chameleon. For now this animal stays still, allowing the stones to be balanced. But if the chameleon moves just a tiny bit, there’s a high possibility for the stones to fall over.

The Old Man we see in the tree’s trunk, represents someone wise, or maybe wiser than us. He could be an elder, a teacher, a spiritual leader (such as a priest, a rabbi, or what have you), or maybe even someone you look up to for guidance and knowledge.

This person could also indicate someone stubborn, stuck in the old ways. This is not always something bad. Think of it this way: we learn how to do a certain thing. Then, we discover there are more ways of doing that thing. At times, when we try a new method, the result is not the same, and we revert to the way we got used to, for good results.

Yellow and green are colors that give or bring joy and hope. Purple is a color usually reserved for royalty. On this card, i interpret these colors as ‘one could find more joy and hope is they return to the old ways.’ Here, purple is reserved for the ground. The ground is filled with mysteries, some are long forgotten, others are not fully understood, even if they’re still present in our lives.

The Tree can still bear fruits, despite its age. It can still bring forth new life. This is hinted at by the berries and the green leaves we see on it. The catch is that the leaves and fruits are actually the knowledge accumulated by the Hierophant. This knowledge can usually come forth if we ask for it and we apply it in our lives – and that is the fruit.

The person’s knowledge is hinted at by all the symbols in the purple area – moon, star, sun, Fibonacci spirals. He sits on all these symbols, therefore his insight is solid, steady, and to be trusted. You can’t go wrong by listening to the advice or stories this Elder has to share.

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Shadowscapes Tarot – The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a rather important card, in my opinion.

It’s classic meaning refers to destiny, fate, turning points, movement, change, patterns, and cycles. This card reminds us that “what goes around comes around.”

What do we see?

The main color is yellow, with hints of blue and purple.

In the center of the card there is a big wheel/circle decorated with what seems to be Celtic knots, a sun/star right at its center, surrounded by a what looks like a stylized snowflake.

Half of the wheel looks faded, though it’s probably some mist or fog that gives this impression. The other half has better defined colors, hence it looks darker.

The wheel appears to be set on a wall, that has 2 perfectly round openings: one at the top left and one towards the bottom right. Through the top opening we can see a crescent moon and a few stars. Through the bottom opening we see a tree branch and something that looks like some star-shaped flowers, weed-like.

There is also a flower under this wheel, but in front of it. At the bottom of the image, we see a “bed” of blue roses.

There are no main characters on this card, with the exception of a few little faeries. About 10 of them. One of them, holds a skull and analyses it, in a pose reminiscent of Shakespeare’s famous “To be or not to be?” scene.

There are several squares on the wall. These squares are grouped together in 3 clusters.

If you want a good or a closer look at this card, click here.

What can it all mean?

The meaning of this card is pretty clear: everything in this world comes and goes. Only a few things are there permanently.

There are a few elements that point to this fact or reality:

  • coming/leaving:
    • The wheel, as it’s not meant to stay still, it goes round and round
    • The flowers – first they bloom, then they fade, then they die, and they bloom again
    • The moon: it has a cycle of about 28 days of waning and waxing
    • The snowflake: it melts really fast and even though there are no 2 snowflakes alike, they’re always replaced and they come back every winter.
  • constant/permanent:
    • The squares in the wall – they are just there, and nobody knows why.
    • The round holes
    • ‘The Celtic knot – following the pattern in its design, you’ll never find a way to un-knot it, thus it stays knotted forever.
    • The plants – it’s pretty difficult to get rid of them
    • The waning and waxing cycle of the moon happens every month

This card appears to remind us that any point of the wheel can only go this low or high. After that, the point will go upwards or downwards, depending on where it was. This means we should always be prepared for good and bad periods in life.

In this deck, this card has the 10th position. 10 is another good representation of the situation i just mentioned: 0=nothing, loss, while 1=something, win.

The squares on the wall seem to remind us to think outside the box when we’re low. Only like that we can find a way to go up gain.

The blue roses make me think that even when we’re feeling at our lowest, we can still find beauty in things or create beauty from our sadness and sorrow. There are, after all, many works of art, novels, songs, and poetry, that were created when the author was feeling low or even depressed.

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Shadowscapes Tarot – Ten of Swords

We continue interpreting the Shadowscapes Tarot. This time we have the Ten of Swords.

What do we see?

The card is split almost in half based on color: the upper part is crimson-red and the lower part is purple with hints of yellow.

We then see a human figure that makes us think of The Fool card. The figure looks away from us, and it also seems as if she doesn’t have a face. She seems to have tattoos on her upper arms, as well as a red ribbon on each arm. 

She wears a large piece of cloth, white/yellow in color. it seems to be breaking apart, and turn crimson. She has long blond hair. Her body is also twisted in a quite unnatural manner as well. 

There are no actual swords to be seen. Instead some 10 black birds with abnormally long tails form the swords. Or is it blood? These birds broke through the cloth. There are at least 3 holes in the veil made by these birds.

The birds are not still, they’re flying. Either away from the veil, or towards it. We even see one bird emerging from one hole. in another hole, we see the beak of another bird. 

At the bottom of the image we see some trees bare of leaves, and a crescent moon, like a boat.  One of the trees, the one at the feet of the female, is split into 2 main branches, reminiscent of the High Priestess card. 

What do these elements suggest?

To get a better understanding of what the inspiration for this card was, you can check out the official page

The overall impression i get from this card is being in a nightmare. Probably trying to break free from it. Perhaps the fall will help. It’s possible that the nightmare ended, but we still feel trapped in it somehow. 

To fully be free, we really have to stop bringing back memories, old arguments, and stop using the same patterns as we did over and over.

Breaking free is not an easy process, and some people can do it easier (the birds) while others not so much (the female figure). Those who have a hard time letting go, have a complacent attitude and don’t really try. 

But, if we don’t let go of the past, it will only be more and more difficult to carry, and there will be no help. What’s more, the others might even separate themselves from us. 

Not letting go means we’re also not able to move, because our old patterns hold us down and we don’t even realize it. Because we’re so used to them, we feel comfortable. 

The red in this card is not bright and vibrant. It is crimson, dark, and muddy. This can only suggest struggles. 

The character might even be lying either to herself or to others, about her hardships. She tries to keep a clean and bright appearance, but there are signs that let out something else. 

The birds are her pain and sorrows. She lets them out through her words – spoken words “fly” just like the birds; meaning they’re not stable or memorable. They’re also dark somehow. 

What do we pay attention to?

The red ribbon. Always this red ribbon. 

The character doesn’t have the tools nor the interest to set herself free. Her comfort in the situation is more than obvious. It’s probably all she knows currently. She might not even be ready to set herself free. nor to be set free.

We can only observe for now. She probably needs more time to make up her mind. 

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Shadowscapes Tarot – Seven of Swords

Welcome to another tarot card interpretation. Or sorts of. This is the Seven of Swords in the Shadowscapes Tarot.

As if the title didn’t already say it. But here I am, repeating myself because … I’m not sure why.

What do we see?

This card is mostly purple with hints of muddy blue and yellow. and white.

My eyes look first at the lightest parts of the card. And this is when i realize that the white part is actually a swan.

The bird is with its back at the viewer, wings spread and looking to the right. I don’t think the swan is trying to take flight. It looks rather startled, or perhaps she just landed.

She stands on a pile of big rocks, surrounded by 6 swords. One of them is barely noticeable. All the swords look more like crosses.

One of them is somehow standing above all the others. Behind it, the muddy/yellowish light can be seen, and forms a spiral (Fibonacci hint).

These swords impaled on a pile of rocks makes me think of the scene of the crucifixion, in the Bible. Also, the swan could also be embracing the light, or somehow praying to the cross. This is not the first time this happens in this deck or suit. (But at the time I’m writing this interpretation, I have yet to interpret other Swords cards).

The swan’s head appear upside-down to me. I could be mistaken. In any case, birds have quite flexible necks. This bird seems not to care at all about what happens around her, just her cross.

There is also a human-like figure. He’s wearing a black mask with a beak and has black wings. He has blonde hair and non-human legs. His legs seem to be more like those of a reptile.

He is holding and inspecting the 7th sword. He appears to have stolen this sword, and tried to make sure he got the correct one. or maybe the sharpest one?

The mask has red ribbons attached. He appears to be smirking.

There are at least 4 other birds, corvids, i believe. Although 1 or 2 of them look(s) more like a pigeon to me. These other birds seem interested in the sword as well.

We can also see a few more swirls or spirals. One of them to the right of the human-like character, the others on the swords.

What can it all point to?

This card seems to make a reference to the Book of Genesis, with the act of creation of the world in 7 days. But also to a later book of the Bible when God gives the commandment to guard the 7th day as holy, setting it apart for the humans, for the first time.

The problem is that here we have 2 swords set aside. This implies duality. The duality is reinforced by the light behind the sword adored by the swan, and the darkness of the character stealing a sword. He is himself dual, as his hair is blonde and yet he has black wings, mask and legs. He is half human and half supernatural being or demon (for all we know).

The trick is that the stolen sword is the separated one. The adored sword has another one by its side. Though we can barely see it.

The mask hides his identity and therefore intentions. We don’t know if he is even able to see through his mask. Could he be blinded by something?

We have to remember that we have a story of Lucifer, the Morning Star, who fell from grace and took with him a third of the angels. In a way, he stole those angels. This card made me think of that story.

The swan was too absorbed in her adoration of the cross to notice the thief. The black birds seem to be happy for his success, though it doesn’t seem like he had to work hard for it.

What can it all mean?

From the Rider-Waite deck, we know this card is about a thief, someone who could be sneaky, is 2-faced. This card perfectly interprets all this.

Because we have the red ribbon in here, we know we should be wary of the thief. Or of our surroundings. Thieves are sneaky after all, and if we’re too absorbed into or distracted by just 1 thing (such as a job), we could miss the point when something or someone dear to us is taken from us. Or departs – such as children leave the house to live their own lives.

Remember that when a duality is present, this means that there’s a lack of a balance or measure.

If you’re going on a trip, make sure to not to take the most valuable items with you. Instead, take items that you won’t mind getting separated from. Of course, the most valuable ones, such as wallet and documents should always be in your possession or on your person.

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Shadowscapes Tarot – Seven of Cups

Some cards are easier to interpret compared to others.

The Seven of Cups in the Shadowscapes Tarot deck is one of the easy ones. Or is it?

What do we see?

In the Shadowscapes deck, the Seven of Cups is mostly blue in color. There is also a bit of white and a bit of golden/yellow.

Almost in the middle, we see a couple standing on a cliff. The cliff seems to be trailing off into a far away mountain cliff. This mountain has a castle on it. There is a closer mountain with another castle at its top.

The female figure looks up to the sky, and points to a floating piece of land on which a tree is growing and offers shade to another castle. The male figure is looking into a blueprint scroll of sorts.

At their feet we can see 2 snail shells, pointing to the Fibonacci symbolism. Then, 7 cups of various shapes and sizes, are standing in a curved row, on the ground.

We also see a red ribbon coiled around her waistline. Her belly appears rounded, but motherhood doesn’t seem to be something she is interested in.

The both of them ignore both the castles and the cups, as well as one another, though they stand side by side.

Behind the female’s head we can see a crescent moon with at least 6 stars (that look like the symbols used for the Pentacles suit).

There is another star/pentacle in the blueprint scroll.

What does it all mean?

This card points to several things:

  1. (Day) dreaming or creativity – the female points to a floating tree. We all know trees don’t float. Usually dreamers are rather creative people.
  2. Goals that are difficult to attain – The pointing to a floating tree gives the impression she wants to go or be there. But the tree floats, and the couple has no means of getting there, unless the blueprint gives some solution.
    • The castles are also difficult to reach because one is so far, it’s not even clear the road goes to it. There is also no indication that the closer castle is any easier to reach, for the mountain is very steep and there doesn’t seem to be any way to it (unless you’re a rock climber).
  3. A couple that wants different things – the female looks at the sky (which can symbolize the future), while the male reads the blueprint which can stand for the present moment.
  4. Too many choices – In this card there are at least 4 choices to be made. 3 of them revolve around choosing and reaching a castle. The 4th one is to let all that go and try something else.

We already know that the Cups represent emotions, intuition, relationships, mystery, and even religion.

From Christianity (and not only), we know that 7 is a sacred number, as God completed creating the world in 6 days, and rested on the 7th. This aspect seems to be shown in this Shadowscapes card through the 6 stars in the sky and the 7th “resting” in the scroll.

In this context, you have to look back at what you’ve been through and see if or what you learned from all that. This is especially true when something concludes.

To be able to look at what you’ve been through, you need to rest a bit, so that your mind will clear and your emotions to calm down.

If you’re still in the middle of events, you’ll most likely have to do one of the following (or perhaps a combination of actions):

  • Stay steadfast within
  • Work (very) hard to get what/where you want
  • Take control of the situation and manage (at least) your responsibilities.

The seventh card is related to the Chariot which says basically the same things as this card.

Shadowscapes Tarot – Ace of Cups

The first things we see on this card are the big yellow fish, faes and the elegant cup. Some fish seem to fly or float above the cup while others swim under it.

Blue and gold are the main colors of the card. None of the fish or the faes are looking at us. 

These are some things to consider when dealing with the Ace of Cups [from the official page]:

The water element. Deep feelings, intimacy, compassion, love.

For me, this suite is rather sad, melancholic. Sometimes almost void of life.

I can say this especially about this card: just look at these details.

There are other things to consider regarding the card. You can read more over here. So what does the Ace card usually indicate when reading the tarot? 

According to my research, the Ace is the root force, the spark or seed of the suite they belong to. These cards are related to the Magician. 

Additionally, they symbolize the beginning as well, since when we start counting, we begin with number one. The alphabet starts with the letter A, which is often seen on playing cards. 

These cards have no purpose here, they have only full, raw potential, while pointing to a future that can be obtained. 

You can clearly see this aspect as the fish seem to use the cup to go from the water underneath to the water/air above.

The Cups are related to the emotions, intuition, relationships, mystery and religion.

What do the colors tell us?

As mentioned, there are 2 main colors seen on this card: blue and yellow or gold.


<<Blue is a cool and calming color that shows creativity and intelligence. […]  loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. […]  calming effect on the psyche. >> read more over here


<< happiness and optimism. […]  creativity. […]  self-depending color, not being connected to emotional feelings. >> read more over here.

For even more color symbolism, check out this page

Aspects to remember

Since the Ace hold raw potential of a possible future, you can’t really interpret this card alone in a reading. You’ll probably need at last 1 more to help you understand the message. 

Depending on the situation, the person you read to, the question asked, you could interpret this card alone, but it can be difficult. 

I’ll give you 1 example:

Say, a client comes and asks about the future with this new person they met. This card obviously relates to the situation: it can indicate a pretty love story, full of emotions… but careful there!

These emotions will not always be happy ones, since in this particular deck, there seems to be a lot of sadness in these Cups. If you pull out another card, you can better understand the message in front of you.

You can also try and see how does the client look: happy and excited, or anxious and unsure? Things can go either way even if they look happy and excited. However, if they look anxious and unsure, that’s a clear sign that this new relationship will only bring them tears. And not happy ones.

Again, depending on the situation, if you pull out this card, it can mean that this is a good time to start acting towards a goal. Even a long term one. 

Shadowscapes Tarot – The Lovers VI

The first thing to know about this card is that it is misleading tarot readers, especially those who are new to it.

The traditional meaning is “Union, balance, energy, flow, passion, melding of heart and mind, forming a union or marriage. ” read more here.

In reality, this card, at least in this deck, warns about a breakup or a choice that one must do and that could lead to a separation.

Pay attention to how the couple kisses: his eyes are open as if to check his partner is still there, or as if he knows he’s going to lose her for good.

She’s also reaching for a golden crown that 2 birds are flying away with. This means she’s thinking more of the material world than the spiritual. Or emotional. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it also doesn’t mean she’ll be happy while being surrounded by all the comfort riches can bring.

She already has a crown on her head and another one in her hand, and she obviously can’t wear all 3 at the same time, nor does she have 3 heads. The ones she already has are made of flowers, which means they’ll fade in time.

The one on her head might be made of silver, as it looks gray/white. This means that she longs to be of a higher social status by reaching out towards the golden crown.

They’re surrounded by temptation, one of them right at their feet and has religious symbols, from the Book of Genesis with the snake and the apple.

There is a little humanoid creature that seems to push the snake away a little bit, so that the couple can have their moment. This little creature wonders if their love is pure and if they will fall for temptations, as a closer look reveals it’s the little creature holding the apple:

The card is full of symbols:

  • suns everywhere – above them, on his clothes,
  • circles – at least 4. – 2 of those circles are around the 2 suns
  • the red ribbon -one with which the gold crown is taken away, 2 tied in her hair, 1 in her hand,
  • flowers – calla lilies and roses, at their feet and on the wall behind them,
  • 3 acorns on the wall,
  • 4 pigeons
  • 3 falling feathers
  • 3 crowns
  • a single red heart right at the bottom of the image. It’s so small, one could miss it.

Her dress has stars on it too. This seems to oppose his Sun.

Other oppositions are:

  • Hair: she has black hair – he’s blonde
  • Clothes: Her clothes are dark in color (purple) – his clothes are white (light) colored
  • She holds a crown, he holds a single flower
  • Her ribbons and his belt

This card really seems to be telling us that the choice we have to make is hard. It’s also possible that this card tells us to follow our hearts, and gut feeling. It’s possible, that the couple reached this point after following the path laid out by their hearts.

Or is it that one of them dropped their heart (desires, most likely him, in the image) to follow her? Hence she’s reaching towards the crown.

In any case, this choice is not without regrets, but it has to be made.

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Shadowscapes Tarot – Two of Cups

The Two of Cups is a card about making connections.

The image Depicted by Stephanie has a lot of Yin/Yang symbolism in it. There is also a Yin/Yang kind of figure under the 2 figures. The sign is made of 2 fish in a circle.

The 2 main figures are swirling one around the other like the DNA spirals.

We can also see a red heart, and 4 golden fish swimming. the hair of the 2 figures grow out into 3 trees. In fact, their bodies seem to be the trunks of the trees.

What i find really weird is that both figures appear to be female: we can clearly see a side breast on the brown one and the lighter one also seems to have breasts. This is bizarre, because most other cards depicting couples, the 2 have clearly opposite genders.

Pulling this card could clearly mean “love is in the near future,” but it can also point to a business connection.

What i think we should learn from this card is that if we meet someone with whom “we just clicked” we should probably nurture that connection however we can. These kind of people are goo in our lives, they’re good for us. And who knows, maybe we’re good for them too.

We just need to learn how o recognize these people: we feel at ease around them, we feel like we want to talk to them. They’re also usually opposite of what we are: they could be an introvert while we are an extrovert, or vice-versa. However, they will have some trait we also possess.

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The Tarot – How To Read

I know you were expecting a presentation of one of the cards or one of the symbols. That’s brewing for next week [hopefully].

This week, I will help you “learn how to read the tarot” cards. The process is rather long, but it can help you see other aspects of a situation, or new ways of doing the same thing.

DISCLAIMER 1: The links provided are the ones I use the most in my journey to ‘learn’ how read my deck. Other websites do exist, and other forums are even open and active. I just got used to this one and the site itself is 21 years old – this should count for something.

DISCLAIMER 2: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. I used these affiliate links to give you the option to check the book out, for yourself, if you so wish, through a well-trusted seller. While I will be very glad if you buy any of the linked items, the decision to do so or not, belongs to you. Thank you for reading!  

I will have to tell you from the start that not everyone can do it, and most definitely not with all the decks. Or perhaps they just didn’t discover the right one yet?

[boring backstory] Many years back I had an oracle deck, and the meanings of each card was pretty straight-forward: whatever you saw on the card was the meaning. I didn’t need to elaborate novels around the spread. When I first decided to have a look into the tarot, I felt lost and I didn’t understand anything, and there were many hidden messages to be discovered. I thought I could never do it.

I still wanted to own at least one deck – and I hoped for a pretty one – and then, earlier this year it happened, if you remember my online shopping haul post.

that’s the old name of this blog/site

Luckily I got this deck now older, when I understand more things, when I have generally more experience. This helped me a lot with learning how to read this deck. I first went on the official website, and then I found this forum where they were discussing each card. However, if you have more decks, or if you feel like the interpretation given by others doesn’t click with you, there’s another method!


Take each card and analyze it: see what message it has for you, based on the image. It’s perfectly fine to create keywords you associate with each card. Do try to write the meanings in an easy to flip through notebook. Though, depending on how much you write, a ‘regular’ size agenda or notebook should do.


Do simple readings with just 1 card or maximum 3 cards. These readings can be for yourself – daily or weekly- or for other people. Do try to remember the “standard” meaning of the card, and see how does it apply to the situation.

At the beginning of October I started to pull out a card in the morning, and I’d only look at it in the evening. I want to ‘test’ the accuracy of the reading by how well did the message apply in my life that day. Yesterday’s card was “the Hermit” and it applied really well – I basically was the Hermit yesterday.

that’s the old name of this blog/site


You can also buy a tarot reading guide like this one, or find one online. I started, but not finished this “21 ways of reading a tarot card.” Apparently, this is a book by Mary K Greer [and I honestly have no idea who she is]. Her method seems very good for those cards that you have a more difficult time understanding.

I believe her method also includes a notebook, so do make sure you have one handy when learning. Since the guide takes you through 21 stages, I can’t possibly imagine anyone going through the process 22 times [just for the Major Arcana] and even less for the whole deck.

Luckily, you can apply the method to an oracle deck as well.

© Charly Cross 2013 – present. All rights reserved.

Shadowscapes Tarot – The High Priestess

This card is filled with symbols. A little bit too many if you ask me. As a result, when you come across it, you’ll have many many things to consider when interpreting it.

We have the red ribbon, the Fibonacci nautilus shell – several of them at that, a key, an owl and feathers, a pomegranate, sun rays, tree trunk, leaves.

The image is VERY close to that seen in the Rider-Waite deck. Placing them side by side, you’ll see how easy it will be to spot the ‘traditional’ markings of the card.

Some insight from the official page:

Meaning: Wisdom, knowledge, learning, intuition, purity, virtue. The Owl is a keeper of knowledge, and he bears a key to unlock mysteries. The pomegranate is an icon of Persephone, who tasted the seeds and thus tied herself to Hades — it is a fruit of fertility and death; and the moons embroidered upon her garments wax and wane. The new crescent, and gibbous moon that create the full cycle, embraced in one.

We have many things to consider, but the nice users of the gave us a nice start. Let’s have a sneak peak:

Kloeyy says: “This card’s image screams knowledge and untold secrets. The cycle of the moon and the cycle of life ~pomegranate. To me just says it’s lessons of life.”  

Inkscape says: “While the High Priestess floats above, the owl swoops in the middle, and the tree remains grounded in our world (as Nan points out). In a way, this card represents three different types of knowledge: The Tree — primal truths. The natural world…. The Owl — animal instincts and desires…. The Priestess — enlightenment, going beyond oneself.” The user continues: <<To me, this card says: “To know, you must learn. Keep your conscience clear. Knowledge is power; don’t let it get to your head (floating). Aspire to great heights (like the High Priestess), but keep your feet on the ground (like the tree). Trust your instincts (owl).

Of course, I also chirped in, on the 2nd page, as CoffeeBlood. This is what I want to remember the most: <<I read this card can tell you to “listen to your inner voice”. we lace certain seashell u to our ears to “hear the sea” [or am i the only one doing it?] whatever we ‘hear’ in the shell is “the shell’s inner voice.” >> What I said resonates a lot with the ideas expressed by Inkscape. 

It seems nobody noticed her having wings in 2 different colors. Also there’s no mention of her belt made of twigs, similar to a really old fashioned broom. She also has feathers hanging off from her belt, and there are tree leaves falling or flying around her. But does she also have a feathered tail?

Despite her belt looking awfully uncomfortable, she seems at ease. She doesn’t seem to care about being comfortable as she puts knowledge above all else. 

We don’t know if we see her real face or if it’s just a mask. The mask acting as a character’s real face seems to be another motif throughout this deck. 

Her hair is light in color and seems to turn into sun rays. Despite this aspect, she seems to prefer the night’s darkness – the moon symbols on her robe, the owl, and her mask make me think this. 

The scene also made me think of Snow White, and the Evil Queen. In this image, the owl is Snow White (literally, that’s the owl’s color) and the High Priestess is the Evil Queen. She bit into the pomegranate, and now she wonders “pomegranate in my hand, who’s the wisest of them all: me or the owl?” Her 3rd eye is clearly open, hence she knows more than she shows – hence the suspicion of a mask.

The owl flees in fear, taking the key (to moderation? to more wisdom?) with her. All ties have been broken anyways. 

Shadowscapes Tarot – the Empress

The Empress of the Shadowscapes is a colorful card.

Meaning from the official site: Creativity, nurturing, abundance, fertility, experiencing the senses, and embracing the natural.

It is also full of symbols: rings or crowns [what are they really?], butterflies, roses, the red ribbon, fruits, little faeries in the tree trunk, a heart, the sun, rays of light, the color purple.

All these symbols have a meaning, and you need to see how you intertwine them with the meanings of the other cards in the spread.

I had to insert 2 details – too pretty ❤

What do people think of this card? On this page,

Sagefire says: <<that painting by Botticelli, with Spring in a fine dress and Flora next to her sprouting from the mouth as Zephyrus blows on her. A quick search yields, “As she talks, her lips breathe spring roses...“>> She then continues (i’m assuming it’s a woman talking): <<she is not resting and being calm like she’s usually seen. Upright, exhibiting her power, and NOT pregnant!!>>

Peregrin adds, in regards to the Empress eerie hand and fingers: <<fingernails are yet another thing that grows, and for the empress, everything grows abundantly and extravagantly.>>

As I type this, I can’t stop thinking that all this creativity seen in this card gives hope [butterflies] for a bright future [the suggested sun]. I see the abundance in the basket full of fruits and the extravagance in the plenty roses at the woman’s feet.