The Shadowscapes Tarot – Four of Pentacles

In today’s tarot card interpretation, we have Four of Pentacles.

What do we see?

Off the bat, there are not many elements to notice, unlike other cards.

The first thing we see is the color. It’s green with hints of yellow and some hints of blue. There is also a bit of purple on the dragon.

Upon closer inspection, we see a branch in the upper left part of the card and a dragon curling on a large coin.

2 more coins are resting against the base of the dragon’s tail. These are smaller than the one the dragon holds onto. The 4th coin is maybe balanced on the top of the dragon’s tail.

This 4th coin is red and harder to see. I literally was just looking for it for some seconds.

The next elements I notice, are some faerie figures on the branch I mentioned, as well as 2 or 3 chameleons with wings still on the branch.

Another element we can easily see, are the spirals in the tails of the dragon and reptiles.

Behind the dragon, some branches appear as more of a bush.

The least noticeable element is in the upper right corner – a few green leaves.

What does it all mean?

Nowadays, we associate purple with royalty. We associate green with money, and gold with luxury.

Some even see the dragon as a symbol of a ruler. This is mostly seen in East Asia, where the former Chinese emperors used to be called Dragons. Also, the emperor used to be the only person allowed to use items with dragons on them – clothes, chairs, other items.

This association ties well with the Major Arcana, where the Emperor’s card is the 4th.

When drawing this card, you could be seeing a person who likes to be in control, who opposes changes, and denies being weak or having weaknesses. However, our dragon could become weak from not eating because he’s protecting that coin. For all we know, the dragon is already very hungry and weak.

Someone who is possessive, like the dragon in the picture is with that single coin, is also limited in what he can or is willing to do. His vision might even be biased if this relates to a situation involving family or friends. The person might risk losing more people over a single one, and whether this is worth it or not, is debatable.

The card might indicate that one should not invest or spend money if the question relates to finances. Those who like to gamble should probably hold back for some time. Or, at the same time, it could also send the message that spending some money now and then is really OK. Of course, the interpretation depends on the person the reading is about (or for).

The dragon appears to protect his possessions from small creatures, that may not even pose a real danger. Being cautious is indeed a good thing, but becoming paranoid about things can be dangerous.

The spirals we see could remind us of life’s cycles. Things come and go, sometimes better and sometimes less good. We all want perfection, but it’s not possible for humans to reach perfection.

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The Shadowscapes Tarot – Six of Cups

I think I should be faster in posting these interpretations. After all, i still have 2 decks waiting for me. ūüėČ

What do we see?

When i look at the card, i first see its dominant color, blue. The second color that stands out is yellow.

The main scene is inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The cups are literal cups used for serving tea. At least 5 of them are. The 6th is separated from the others and has a different shape and color.

There are toys around a table, as well as some mystic creatures. they either observe the scene or even participate in it. 

The toys appear to have a sad expression while the creatures are either interested or curious about what is going on. 

The red ribbon also makes an appearance. It can be seen in the girl’s hair, at the back of her dress, on one of the toys. Or maybe even on 2 of the toys. (I can’t decide if both rabbits wear red ribbons. It doesn’t really make a difference, in my opinion.)

Some goldfish swim in the river and others are flying. However, upon closer inspection, we see that the swimming fish are actually the reflection of those flying. Trees and mushrooms are also seen. 

What does it all mean?

What does it all mean?

Since the cups deal with emotions, intuition, even relationships, mystery, and religion, we can see many of these elements shown in a way or another on this card.

Like most other cards in this suite, the 6 of Cups also feels sad. It shows a nostalgic scene.

We think either of ourselves when we were children pretending to be adults, or our own children pretending to be adults. Either way, it’s a time we’ll never see or have again in.

This “destiny” is pointed at through the red ribbon. Here it probably means that some things are meant to stay in the past.

Given the supernatural creatures in this image as well as the reflections of the flying fish, we can assume all this is a dream, an illusion, or even a fantasy.

Despite this scene being sad, nostalgic, or even fictional, there is something about it that makes it peaceful. Perhaps the fact that it all happens at night – the few light bulbs suggest night-time.

The river is not a river after all: it appears to be a mirror. This can explain why we can’t be sure of the direction of the river, despite the fish going in a direction away from us, and “into the card”.

However, there is something that kinda lacks in this image: balance. On one side of the river/mirror, we have 1 cup with the rest being on the other side. There are more characters on one side of the table than on the other side. The river doesn’t split the image into 2 halves either.

This is a signal: we should reflect upon our lives and make sure we have a balance there. We should also make sure that our kindness is not wasted – like the tea on the toys. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should receive something in return for your kindness, but that the act itself is really needed by the recipient.

And how about the flying fish? They must be magical, right? If this is the case, you must meditate and discover what makes you magical as well. This is especially useful when you feel lost with almost no way out.

Like always, remember that the meaning of the card will be different, based on many things. Also, no interpretation is wrong.

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The Shadowscapes Tarot – The Moon

The Moon is the 18th card in the Major Arcana.

This card is full of meanings and hidden messages. Of course, the meaning will depend on the reader, question that was asked, as well as the other cards surrounding it.

What do we see?

The color scheme is one of the first things we see, before we get to interpret the card. The dominant color of this card is a murky green.

The second color that pops out is yellow. And then we have some hints of orange and red.

In the center of the card, to the right, we see a female figure. She stands in a clearing and there’s a forest behind her. A crescent moon is also above her.

She wears a yellow dress, tied with a red belt. In her right hand hand she holds a devilish mask with a very long nose and 3 red ribbons hanging as well. One of the ribbons may be connected to her belt, but we don’t know for sure because her sleeve hides it.

The way she holds the mask and looks at it, reminds me of that Shakespeare “To be or not to be?” scene. I‘m not familiar with Shakespeare, so I may be wrong here.¬†

The other hand is lifted in the air, and a sort of wand with a red heart is tied to it, with a white ribbon. The way it is lifted in the air, reminds me of Moses splitting the sea. 

The woman also appears to wear a mask. Unless that’s a very poorly applied makeup. She seems to have a red ribbon through her blonde hair as well.¬† Unless those are some red beads decorating her hair.

We can also see a bird that may be a dove, mushrooms at the woman’s feet, some faeries/faes. Most of them are sitting on the grass at the woman’s feet.

On a now dead forum, they were saying the mushrooms are the kind to get you high, because of the light around them. Given that upon a very close inspection we see some little devils hidden among the mushrooms, this could be a good point. Please refer to the image below.

The moon sits like a boat, and a ray of light appears to connect it to the bird’s head. I have the impression the ray of light starts at the bird’s head and goes up to the moon and not the other way around.

What does it all mean?

Clearly, this is a mystical card. It doesn’t get more mystical and mysterious than this one. For this reason, i have a pretty difficult time understanding it.

It’s usually at night that witches cast their spells. In many movies revolving the supernatural, all such activities also happen during the night.

In some faerie tales, certain creatures were showing their true “colors” (or faces) only at night.

Since it’s night, we can also assume this is a dream or an illusion. Perhaps the woman is under the influence of some drugs (magical mushrooms) or under the influence of some evil/bad person or who is comparable to the devil (from the little devil we see on this card. Actually more of them).

Perhaps she realized that someone is not truthful to her (the mask in her hand came from that someone?). If you want to know more about the meaning of the red ribbon, click here. I won’t repeat all that. She probably had to go through this as a life lesson, and wonders what’s the best course of action.

I’m not sure why the ribbon is not tied to her and why is it here…. :/ however, she has a ton of other things to worry about – see those red beads or red ribbon through her hair. Those could be more important than her discovery.

Perhaps the character knows someone who is lying to someone else, and controls that person through those lies, and now she ponders on what to do.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t think anyone should treat anyone badly or to lie. Nobody has to “teach” anyone a lesson. I don’t excuse or trying to excuse abuse of any kind. I deeply apologize if the above descriptions triggered anyone, that wasn’t my intention. I described a hypothetical¬†situation i felt related to the card.

Maybe her pain and suffering came from her wearing hr heart on her sleeve – literally on the other hand.

She does have 2 options:

  1. despair and let all this negativity take her over and become a depressed, bitter person
  2. use the experience in a way that can benefit her AND others, by creating something – art, poetry, music, novels, self-help books and seminars.

She is also wearing a mask. Is she blind? Will she continue to be blind? I’m not sure and she also doesn’t seem to know the answer yet (see my remark above related to Shakespeare). However, it’s funny that on the card’s official page another Shakespeare play is referenced.

Maybe she ponders to take off her own mask when looking at the one in her hand. Maybe the mask in her hand was still hers, but even removed, her true self still can’t shine through.

Yellow is a color full of joy. Green usually means life, since all green plants are alive. Based on these colors alone we can assume this scene takes place in summer.

Like i said, this card doesn’t “speak” to me. If you want to learn more about this card, you can refer to this page.

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The Shadowscapes Tarot – The Hierophant

Let’s continue with the tarot card interpretations, shall we? We have a long way to go, and I have 2 extra decks to interpret here for you.

Remember that what I’m about to say is just my opinion, and is not a set in stone interpretation. I also want to mention that I may not know or understand the meaning of all the elements on this card.

The Hierophant is the 5th card in the Major arcana.

What do we see?

The predominant color is vibrant yellow. The next color is green, and then purple or lilac.

Upon a closer look we see there is a tree with a human face and arms. He looks displeased.

This tree is the main character of the card. Its leaves are bright yellow, with a single green leaf.

There are a few other creatures in this image:

  • 3 lizards or salamanders that best resemble chameleons, all 3 being pink
    • 2 of them have halos and angel wings
  • 1 chameleon hidden in the purple rock/soil on which the tree grows
  • 1 fae-like creature in one of the roots of the tree
  • a ram or a big cat, on the staff the Hierophant holds. It is minuscule, thus we can barely make what type of animal that is.

There are many other elements and symbols to be seen:

  • a star and a sun, or 2 stars – on the elbow and in the ground
  • the Fibonacci spiral – in the tail of the purple chameleon, in some of the roots, on the shoulder,
  • a shell – in the purple ground
  • a crescent moon – in the ground
  • circles – behind the staff, in the ground
  • a 3rd eye – on the Hierophant’s forehead
  • berries – i think those are berries

We also see that the Hierophant has a big or quite long nose. His normal eyes are quite inquisitive, they seem to be judging as they’re only half-open.

The 3rd one is wide open and gives the impression it wants to hypnotize.

The roots of the Tree are buried deep in the soil beneath, but they didn’t become soil.

One element that can still be seen, but seems lost to the eye at the same time, is the little stone art behind the Tree. There seem to be 4 stones balanced one on top of the other, on the head of the purple chameleon. The stones also have some markings on them.

What does it all mean?

Stephanie wrote a lengthy story about this image and you can read it here, on the official page of the card.

One of the first things or feelings we get from this card is stability. This comes from the Tree itself, from its roots, from the rocks balanced one on top of another. The tree has a large crown and is old. This means it grew there over a long period of time. If anyone would want to remove this tree, they would have a very hard time doing so, due to its deep reaching roots.

Along with stability, we also get constancy. Something that is stable is also constant. There are many people who feel tranquil, safe, reassured, when things are stable and constant. For others, this can be scary as they might feel trapped.

Now, let’s not forget that the stones are balanced on the head of the chameleon. For now this animal stays still, allowing the stones to be balanced. But if the chameleon moves just a tiny bit, there’s a high possibility for the stones to fall over.

The Old Man we see in the tree’s trunk, represents someone wise, or maybe wiser than us. He could be an elder, a teacher, a spiritual leader (such as a priest, a rabbi, or what have you), or maybe even someone you look up to for guidance and knowledge.

This person could also indicate someone stubborn, stuck in the old ways. This is not always something bad. Think of it this way: we learn how to do a certain thing. Then, we discover there are more ways of doing that thing. At times, when we try a new method, the result is not the same, and we revert to the way we got used to, for good results.

Yellow and green are colors that give or bring joy and hope. Purple is a color usually reserved for royalty. On this card, i interpret these colors as ‘one could find more joy and hope is they return to the old ways.’ Here, purple is reserved for the ground. The ground is filled with mysteries, some are long forgotten, others are not fully understood, even if they’re still present in our lives.

The Tree can still bear fruits, despite its age. It can still bring forth new life. This is hinted at by the berries and the green leaves we see on it. The catch is that the leaves and fruits are actually the knowledge accumulated by the Hierophant. This knowledge can usually come forth if we ask for it and we apply it in our lives – and that is the fruit.

The person’s knowledge is hinted at by all the symbols in the purple area – moon, star, sun, Fibonacci spirals. He sits on all these symbols, therefore his insight is solid, steady, and to be trusted. You can’t go wrong by listening to the advice or stories this Elder has to share.

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Shadowscapes Tarot – The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a rather important card, in my opinion.

It’s classic meaning refers to destiny, fate, turning points, movement, change, patterns, and cycles. This card reminds us that “what goes around comes around.”

What do we see?

The main color is yellow, with hints of blue and purple.

In the center of the card there is a big wheel/circle decorated with what seems to be Celtic knots, a sun/star right at its center, surrounded by a what looks like a stylized snowflake.

Half of the wheel looks faded, though it’s probably some mist or fog that gives this impression. The other half has better defined colors, hence it looks darker.

The wheel appears to be set on a wall, that has 2 perfectly round openings: one at the top left and one towards the bottom right. Through the top opening we can see a crescent moon and a few stars. Through the bottom opening we see a tree branch and something that looks like some star-shaped flowers, weed-like.

There is also a flower under this wheel, but in front of it. At the bottom of the image, we see a “bed” of blue roses.

There are no main characters on this card, with the exception of a few little faeries. About 10 of them. One of them, holds a skull and analyses it, in a pose reminiscent of Shakespeare’s famous “To be or not to be?” scene.

There are several squares on the wall. These squares are grouped together in 3 clusters.

If you want a good or a closer look at this card, click here.

What can it all mean?

The meaning of this card is pretty clear: everything in this world comes and goes. Only a few things are there permanently.

There are a few elements that point to this fact or reality:

  • coming/leaving:
    • The wheel, as it’s not meant to stay still, it goes round and round
    • The flowers – first they bloom, then they fade, then they die, and they bloom again
    • The moon: it has a cycle of about 28 days of waning and waxing
    • The snowflake: it melts really fast and even though there are no 2 snowflakes alike, they’re always replaced and they come back every winter.
  • constant/permanent:
    • The squares in the wall – they are just there, and nobody knows why.
    • The round holes
    • ‘The Celtic knot – following the pattern in its design, you’ll never find a way to un-knot it, thus it stays knotted forever.
    • The plants – it’s pretty difficult to get rid of them
    • The waning and waxing cycle of the moon happens every month

This card appears to remind us that any point of the wheel can only go this low or high. After that, the point will go upwards or downwards, depending on where it was. This means we should always be prepared for good and bad periods in life.

In this deck, this card has the 10th position. 10 is another good representation of the situation i just mentioned: 0=nothing, loss, while 1=something, win.

The squares on the wall seem to remind us to think outside the box when we’re low. Only like that we can find a way to go up gain.

The blue roses make me think that even when we’re feeling at our lowest, we can still find beauty in things or create beauty from our sadness and sorrow. There are, after all, many works of art, novels, songs, and poetry, that were created when the author was feeling low or even depressed.

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Shadowscapes Tarot ‚Äď Ten of Swords

We continue interpreting the Shadowscapes Tarot. This time we have the Ten of Swords.

What do we see?

The card is split almost in half based on color: the upper part is crimson-red and the lower part is purple with hints of yellow.

We then see a human figure that makes us think of The Fool card. The figure looks away from us, and it also seems as if she doesn’t have a face. She seems to have tattoos on her upper arms, as well as a red ribbon on each arm.¬†

She wears a large piece of cloth, white/yellow in color. it seems to be breaking apart, and turn crimson. She has long blond hair. Her body is also twisted in a quite unnatural manner as well. 

There are no actual swords to be seen. Instead some 10 black birds with abnormally long tails form the swords. Or is it blood? These birds broke through the cloth. There are at least 3 holes in the veil made by these birds.

The birds are not still, they’re flying. Either away from the veil, or towards it. We even see one bird emerging from one hole. in another hole, we see the beak of another bird.¬†

At the bottom of the image we see some trees bare of leaves, and a crescent moon, like a boat.  One of the trees, the one at the feet of the female, is split into 2 main branches, reminiscent of the High Priestess card. 

What do these elements suggest?

To get a better understanding of what the inspiration for this card was, you can check out the official page. 

The overall impression i get from this card is being in a nightmare. Probably trying to break free from it. Perhaps the fall will help. It’s possible that the nightmare ended, but we still feel trapped in it somehow.¬†

To fully be free, we really have to stop bringing back memories, old arguments, and stop using the same patterns as we did over and over.

Breaking free is not an easy process, and some people can do it easier (the birds) while others not so much (the female figure). Those who have a hard time letting go, have a complacent attitude and don’t really try.¬†

But, if we don’t let go of the past, it will only be more and more difficult to carry, and there will be no help. What’s more, the others might even separate themselves from us.¬†

Not letting go means we’re also not able to move, because our old patterns hold us down and we don’t even realize it. Because we’re so used to them, we feel comfortable.¬†

The red in this card is not bright and vibrant. It is crimson, dark, and muddy. This can only suggest struggles. 

The character might even be lying either to herself or to others, about her hardships. She tries to keep a clean and bright appearance, but there are signs that let out something else. 

The birds are her pain and sorrows. She lets them out through her words – spoken words “fly” just like the birds; meaning they’re not stable or memorable. They’re also dark somehow.¬†

What do we pay attention to?

The red ribbon. Always this red ribbon. 

The character doesn’t have the tools nor the interest to set herself free. Her comfort in the situation is more than obvious. It’s probably all she knows currently. She might not even be ready to set herself free. nor to be set free.

We can only observe for now. She probably needs more time to make up her mind. 

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Shadowscapes Tarot ‚Äď Seven of Swords

Welcome to another tarot card interpretation. Or sorts of. This is the Seven of Swords in the Shadowscapes Tarot.

As if the title didn’t already say it. But here I am, repeating myself because … I’m not sure why.

What do we see?

This card is mostly purple with hints of muddy blue and yellow. and white.

My eyes look first at the lightest parts of the card. And this is when i realize that the white part is actually a swan.

The bird is with its back at the viewer, wings spread and looking to the right. I don’t think the swan is trying to take flight. It looks rather startled, or perhaps she just landed.

She stands on a pile of big rocks, surrounded by 6 swords. One of them is barely noticeable. All the swords look more like crosses.

One of them is somehow standing above all the others. Behind it, the muddy/yellowish light can be seen, and forms a spiral (Fibonacci hint).

These swords impaled on a pile of rocks makes me think of the scene of the crucifixion, in the Bible. Also, the swan could also be embracing the light, or somehow praying to the cross. This is not the first time this happens in this deck or suit. (But at the time I’m writing this interpretation, I have yet to interpret other Swords cards).

The swan’s head appear upside-down to me. I could be mistaken. In any case, birds have quite flexible necks. This bird seems not to care at all about what happens around her, just her cross.

There is also a human-like figure. He’s wearing a black mask with a beak and has black wings.¬†He has blonde hair and non-human legs. His legs seem to be more like those of a reptile.

He is holding and inspecting the 7th sword. He appears to have stolen this sword, and tried to make sure he got the correct one. or maybe the sharpest one?

The mask has red ribbons attached. He appears to be smirking.

There are at least 4 other birds, corvids, i believe. Although 1 or 2 of them look(s) more like a pigeon to me. These other birds seem interested in the sword as well.

We can also see a few more swirls or spirals. One of them to the right of the human-like character, the others on the swords.

What can it all point to?

This card seems to make a reference to the Book of Genesis, with the act of creation of the world in 7 days. But also to a later book of the Bible when God gives the commandment to guard the 7th day as holy, setting it apart for the humans, for the first time.

The problem is that here we have 2 swords set aside. This implies duality. The duality is reinforced by the light behind the sword adored by the swan, and the darkness of the character stealing a sword. He is himself dual, as his hair is blonde and yet he has black wings, mask and legs. He is half human and half supernatural being or demon (for all we know).

The trick is that the stolen sword is the separated one. The adored sword has another one by its side. Though we can barely see it.

The mask hides his identity and therefore intentions. We don’t know if he is even able to see through his mask. Could he be blinded by something?

We have to remember that we have a story of Lucifer, the Morning Star, who fell from grace and took with him a third of the angels. In a way, he stole those angels. This card made me think of that story.

The swan was too absorbed in her adoration of the cross to notice the thief. The black birds seem to be happy for his success, though it doesn’t seem like he had to work hard for it.

What can it all mean?

From the Rider-Waite deck, we know this card is about a thief, someone who could be sneaky, is 2-faced. This card perfectly interprets all this.

Because we have the red ribbon in here, we know we should be wary of the thief. Or of our surroundings. Thieves are sneaky after all, and if we’re too absorbed into or distracted by just 1 thing (such as a job), we could miss the point when something or someone dear to us is taken from us. Or departs – such as children leave the house to live their own lives.

Remember that when a duality is present, this means that there’s a lack of a balance or measure.

If you’re going on a trip, make sure to not to take the most valuable items with you. Instead, take items that you won’t mind getting separated from. Of course, the most valuable ones, such as wallet and documents should always be in your possession or on your person.

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