Everyone enjoys a good movie.

What a good movie is … well, that depends on preferences.

I noticed from my own experience that sometimes, I can find a movie good even if it pertains to a genre I’m not always a fan of.

Personally, I should watch more movies.

I would like to know how do you watch movies?

  • at home
  • in the theater
  • alone
  • with friends or family

You can choose more than one option, if you decide to reply to this question, of course.

I like to go to the theater once in a while, but I want the very last seats in the middle.

Sometimes there are just too many people and they’re usually reacting pretty loud, or talking about other stuff, and it’s disturbing.

Despite all this, nobody says anything. 😦

Anyways, here are the movies I managed to review so far, despite seeing more of them.


horror: A Quiet Place

   Halloween (2018)

   IT (2017)

romance: A Star Is Born

fantasy/fairytale: Sleeping Beauty (2014)

The Dark Tower

                           Fantasy Island (2020)

Sci-Fi: Terminator – Dark Fate


horror: The House of the Disappeared (Korean)


drama: Final Recipe (South Korean/Thai production)

   To Live (Chinese)

    Sand Storm (Israel)

action: Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (wuxia is the official genre; China/Hong Kong production)

period: Shadow (2018; Chinese)