Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)-spoilers, analysis, review

Hello there! I’m not going to lie: I liked the Terminator movie franchise, so I had to watch the last installment.

So, what’s this movie about? well, i’ll tell you below, but do expect some spoilers.

The basic idea behind the movie is that in a not so distant future, mankind managed to make intelligent robots who one day developed a conscience and decided to eliminate their creators. Are you thinking of Artificial Intelligence, Alexa, Sophia, and other similar robots? Good. Well, the idea is not even new in Hollywood, but it seems that the Terminator had something different from all the other productions. It also uses an enhanced human, Grace, who one could argue is actually a Universal Soldier.

From here on, there are spoilers specific to the last installment. Scroll over the italic and dark green part, if you don’t want to read them.

While on Wikipedia, they say this is a direct sequel to the first 2 Terminators, I’d dare say it’s a mix and match of those two, and with updated special effects. However, once you see the trailer (it’s below), you realize that T2 never even happened in Dark Fate. There is also no hint of the events of Terminator Genisys in this installment. This movie is also on a different timeline than any of the previous Terminator movies, as T-800 managed to kill a young John Connor, at a time when possibly T2 was supposed to take place. As one can expect, this event changed the future, so on and so forth.

In Dark Fate, the character who needs saving and protection is Dani Ramos whose father is killed by the Rev-9 terminator who can take any shape it wants after contact. Unlike T-1000, Rev-9 can also divide itself into 2 robots, though the second one looks more like a skeleton-robot, while the main robot can maintain a human appearance. Rev-9 is very difficult to destroy, more so than T-1000, i’d say.

Rev-9 also understands and knows about recent events, like the war in Afganistan. He knows when real humans expect a smile or a joke, and as such he can easily fool a person into thinking he’s a real human. T-1000 didn’t quite have this ability.  

We also have Sarah Connor and T-800 joining in the fun of DF, which is a nice surprise for the fans. Despite Sarah coming to the rescue of Grace and Dani, Grace doesn’t like Sarah one bit. The feeling appears to be mutual throughout their interactions, however, Sarah does seem to understand Grace’s feelings. To be honest, Sarah has a condescending attitude towards Grace, at least at first. I also didn’t really like this new version of Sarah, and especially not her “look at me, i’m a special snowflake” attitude. This attitude was perfectly shown when she “motivated” Dani to shoot (overkill, better said) the target, when Dani had never held a gun before. 

 Sarah and T-800 don’t have a happy reunion, as this T-800 is the exact same one who killed John all those years back. Yet, in this installment, we see a T-800 that helps a single mother raise her son, who developed some sort of conscience and who realized the pain he caused Sarah. Since his mission was completed, he had no interest in killing Sarah as well. All this led to T-800 protecting Sarah when Rev-9 tried to shoot her in the plane, and at other times. Sarah wasn’t very happy with the situation. (though I’m pretty sure she was counting her blessings for still being alive, understandably, she couldn’t have been thankful to the robot that made her feel “terminated.”)

At the beginning of the movie, we get a small glimpse into Dani’s everyday-life. She apparently wakes up very early to go buy groceries – it’s still dark outside as she returns home. Despite the wee hours of the morning, she’s all cheerful, full of energy, with almost no worries in the world. She appears to be close to or at least very friendly with the people in her apartment building. She also has to take care of her brother and father – make sure they wake up to go to work, go to the hospital, eat, so on.

The opening scene made me question James Cameron (the producer) or the other guys who wrote the storyline because nobody can be so fresh every day, if they wake up so early in the morning EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I think that even Mexican (Dani is Mexican, though the actress is Colombian) women have bad days, or feel tired after a few days of waking up so early. The “taking care” of her male relatives almost like a mother, seems pretty accurate, though. 

 This movie did have some sad moments especially when Dani’s brother dies and she also finds out her dad is dead though she refuses to believe the news. I wouldn’t either in her situation. The saddest part of the movie is, however, when T-800 says, almost at the end, that he “won’t be back.” TT-TT He did hint towards this outcome in Genisys, when he was saying he’s “old” and almost “obsolete.” 

RATING: I give Dark Fate a rating of 4 stars out of 5. The special effects and the “personality”of the Rev-9 terminator were rather impressive. For a robot/AI Rev-9 was pretty funny and almost friendly. Not to mention his human appearance was that of an average Joe. The dialogue between Sarah and Grace was ridiculous for the most part. Because of Sarah’s attitude, i should even remove another star. The elimination of the events in T2 also deserves another star removal. The stars remain though because of T-800, as he saves the day in T2 style. 😉 

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