The Dark Tower (2017)- review (sort of)


Last week we went to see the movie Dark Tower, an adaptation of a Stephen King book.

I want to say I didn’t read the book, but I thought the movie was amazing! The ending was cheesy, but I suppose if something ends well in a movie or in a series, it will translate into a cheesy ending, right?

All I know is that many of King’s books are inspired by his dreams – or this is what I heard. Well, I think his and my dreams are quite similar, because I dreamt some of the elements in this movie. Its really weird, but true.


The common elements were eerie landscapes with several moons or planets up on the sky. I also dreamt being chased by people I didn’t know. I was never sure why, but I knew they wanted to force me to do something I didn’t want to do.

This painting is quite old, as you can see, but I still had dreams with a similar view – more than 1 [occasionally 2] celestial bodies in the sky. And quite large at that too. In the movie, just 2 were shown, and they looked more like the moon we sometimes see in the daytime, except some 10 times bigger.

The boy in the movie also learns that if the world comes to an end, darkness and fire will consume it. Maybe something like in my next painting? Sadly, unlike the kid in the movie, I’m not very capable of drawing what I dream. 

Of course, now I want to read the books as well. However, we discovered they’re hard to come by and they’re rather pricey. But it’s ok, we’ll find a way to get these books. The reason why I want to read them is that I want to see how much more can I recognize my dreams there.

Since we watch most of the movies at home, we decided to also snap a couple more pictures from the theatre. I don’t think it’s anything special, but I should mention it was the last viewing of the evening and a weekday. Despite these 2 coordinates, there were quite many people there. They just came in after the light turned off and they sat behind us.

We went to a pretty far mall, but that area is inhabited. The empty mall after closing time was eerie. Fitting with the feeling I got from the movie itself.

Rating: Since this movie review is not like my previous ones, there won’t be stuff I liked/disliked either. I will rate the movie 4.5 stars out of 5.