An anti-aging cream by Farmec

Last week I bought an anti-aging cream. I already used one before, but I don’t recall talking about it.

Farmec is a well known Romanian company, and most of its products are used for beauty, however there are some that are used for cleaning as well.

From Wikipedia: Farmec means  ‘spell’, ‘charm’, or ‘grace’ in Romanian. The company was founded at the end of the 19th century, and it’s currently the largest manufacturer of cosmetics in Romania.

I personally believe there is no one citizen in Romania who didn’t use at least once one of their products. But i’m going off-topic here.

My complexion is a combined one, with the T-zone well active in my mid-30s. I don’t have wrinkles, maybe a few lines here and there.

As you can see, the cream is designed for those with dry skin. I used the cream almost daily since I got it, and my cheeks, since they’re dry, sure feel pretty nice. This cream is pretty oily, though it feels very lightweight. I feel it’s a bit too much for my forehead – where I would need it more, as the lines I saw, were there.

It’s consistency is rather similar to a creamy yogurt, in my opinion. Upon touching it, I had the impression it would do a great job at hydrating my skin. I’m not so sure it does that, though.

What I did notice, is that the small few lines I saw, were gone. The instructions (in both Romanian and English, see the 3rd picture) say to use it on the neck as well. I never really touched my neck, but I guess it feels better, in a way. The skin doesn’t feel as dry anymore.

I think I only need to use it once a day, and not twice a day, like they say, since I have combination skin, and not dry.

I got this cream because it was cheap – maybe some 3 USD? and I thought my friend can use it as well. In the end, they didn’t.


I can’t say i’m amazed by this cream, but I can say what was a major let down: its packaging! As you can see from the above pictures, there is a lot of waste involved in making it.

Both the carton box and the plastic jar have some unused space at the bottom. I’m aware this is done by many other companies, but it sure isn’t a good excuse when they could cut production costs by designing some packaging that fits the amount of product (50 ml) perfectly, without extra waste.

To do what I preach, in the above 2 pictures i removed as much as possible from the extra space around the item.

I should mention that this cream is not to be used around the eyes! I did, and it burned. It didn’t burn badly, but enough to stop me from using it again. One of the causes must be the dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline ingredient – see the list of ingredients below. Read more about the compound here.

And those are its ingredients. The list is pretty long, but if you want to buy this cream you should know what it contains beforehand.

However, you should know that “dermatologically tested” doesn’t really mean much for any product with this claim on it. Read here for more info.

Read this Wiki page too for more info on Argan oil.

Final thoughts?

Since I’m not using the cream for a very long time, I can’t recommend it or not. If your skin is oily though, do stay away from this cream. Other than this, I guess it’s at least good at improving how your skin generally feels.

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