Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – the royal wedding

May 19th 2018 marked the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

I watched the ceremony live on YouTube, like more than 1000000 other viewers who wished they attended. I didn’t want to attend, but I was curious to see the bride, the Queen, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge. 

There were many people waiting on the streets so see a glimpse of any of the important figures attending the ceremony. The guests started arriving some 3 hours before the ceremony and everyone seemed happy to see everyone else. 

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While many people were probably hoping to see Catherine, she kept very low key when she arrived with the page boys and bridesmaids. She was wearing a pale yellow ensemble. She was seated next to her step-mother in law, the Duchess of Cornwall who was wearing a light pink outfit with a rather impressive hat.

image “borrowed” from The New York Times

The Queen too tried to keep low key as she didn’t interact with the crowd much. She did wear a pretty pastel, yet bright, green so that people would recognize her. Underneath the trench coat, she was wearing a dress matching the accessory on her hat. Sadly, it can’t be seen in this photo. 

I wish she wore shoes of a different color – nude, or matching – and not black. However her signature purse is black and she didn’t want to wear other colors? Perhaps she’s supposed to wear black accessories? And in case you were wondering, if the shoes are seen or if the dress or skirt is short enough to reveal them, they have to have the same color as the purse. If she wore a floor-length dress, then the purse had to match the dress. For a midday wedding ceremony, this outfit is appropriate – something the Queen surely knows better than me. 

image “borrowed” from The New York Times

I really liked Meghan’s tiara. It appears the Queen borrowed it to Meghan, and this is Queen Mary’s diamond bandeau tiara (source). 

Her veil was 5 meters long and quite simple, save for the edge embroidery. We learn more from the

  • the embroidery was handmade and represents unique flora from the 5 countries forming the Commonwealth, as well as 2 others: Chimonanthus praecox that “grows in front of Nottingham Cottage in the grounds of Kensington Palace” and the Eschscholzia californica, “state flower of California, where Markle was born.”

I think this was a nice touch and the veil looks quite elegant and timeless. 

Since comparing her to Catherine is somehow impossible to avoid, Meghan (now Duchess of Sussex) wore her hair in an updo, while Catherine wore hers in a half updo on her wedding day.

image “borrowed” from The New York Times

It’s her wedding dress that made me want to write this piece. To be honest, I was shocked by how simple the dress was. Designed by Ms. Waight Keller – who now creates for Givenchy, the dress has a loose fit and sadly, it looked simply too big on the bride. This is something I disliked a lot. 

However, as I read what others had to say about the dress, right after the ceremony, I kinda understand the choice. I think Meghan wanted to send a message to brides everywhere that you don’t need a big dress for the big day. They also don’t need to show a lot in order to be loved. 

This dress looks effortless and gives the impression you can find it in any bridal store and for an affordable price. The look can also be easily achieved with a DIY and on the budget. We have to remember former Ms. Markle is in her mid-30s and is divorced as well – these aspects must be considered when marrying a very important figure like Prince Harry.

We all know the Queen had to approve it, and she honestly had nothing to object to – the dress is rather modest in size, design, cut. 

The neckline was, in my opinion, everything about the dress. And many others might agree with me. With a simple cut, simple design, Meghan managed to look very elegant on the day many would say the “wedding of the year” happened. 

While I don’t really think Meghan is a good choice for Prince Harry, or a nice woman, I do hope and wish for their happiness and that they won’t get divorced. Perhaps she just has a troubled past, much like Harry does. 

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