What’s going on in Yashahime?

Many people must remember the manga and anime, Inuyasha that ran from late 1990s until late 2000s.

It now has a sequel called Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon that just started airing. And this sequel makes almost NO sense. AT ALL.

At this point, there are plot holes and many, many questions awaiting an answer.

I came up with some ideas and will present them here. Along with the questions and plot holes.

Now, this is where spoilers will come into place so read on at your own risk.

Who and Where are the Parents?

This anime has 3 main characters: Moroha, Setsuna, and Towa. Moroha is the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome, and possesses bothdemonic and spiritual powers. Setsuna and Towa are the twin daughters of Sesshoumaru with a human woman.

The identity of the woman is not known. Some people speculated it was Rin. But it can’t be. Rin was maybe 7 or 8 years in Inuyasha. The events in the original series happened over the course of a year. Kagome returned after 3 years. This made Rin 10 or 11 years old and she was living with Kaede.

The events in Yashahime take place at least 10 years after Kagome’s return and the 3 girls are about 14 years old. Rin was still a child, therefore she couldn’t have birthed Sesshoumaru’s twins. In the first episode of Yashahime, it was revealed that Shesshoumaru “just dropped his twin children at Kaede’s place” meaning the mother is just some random woman.

The 2 girls are definitely his daughters because Setsuna looks just like him, except she has black hair and keeps her hair in a ponytail, reminiscent of Sesshoumaru’s father’s hairstyle.

None of the girls seems to know OR remember their respective parents. Setsuna is the only one with an explanation for this: a butterfly-demon stole her dreams, ability to sleep, AND memories of her past.

Some of the other characters in the show seem to know at least who is the mother of Moroha, but nobody mentions her father.

In the 4th episode, we get a glimpse of a teenage Rin suspended in the Tree of Ages/Sacred Tree. There’s also a short glimpse of another girl standing by “Kikyo” – i’m almost sure that was Kagome. The image of Rin is clearer and longer than that of the 2nd girl/woman who also talks to “Kikyo”.

Only Kaede seems to remember Kagome, as well as her parents back in modern times.

In the 5th episode of Yashahime, Myoga the flea-demon appears. He seems not to know anything about Sesshoumaru’s daughters. Kohaku and Hisui were mentioning a Traveling Monk (which is obviously Miroku, who is Hisui’s father), but they seem not to now who the monk is.

No mentions whatsoever of: Sango, Miroku, Jaken. We know Sango and Miroku had 3 children, 2 daughters and a son. Where are the girls?

Some people or items shouldn’t really exist anymore

Kaede: she was over 50 years old in Inuyasha. Se was most likely about 60-something. In Yashahime she would have been around 75. I wonder how long did people live back in those days.

Kagome’s grandfather: He was probably older than Kaede and he’s still around. Nowadays, people in Japan live very long lives, thus him still being around is not that odd.

Izayoi’s lipgloss: It’s maybe not a lip gloss, but it looks like one to me. Inuyasha’s father bought this makeup for the lips, for Inuyasha’s mother. Inuyasha gave it to Kikyo some 50 years before the events in Inuyasha. It was shown how Naraku destroyed this item. However, it made a reappearance in Yashahime, in the possession of Moroha. How?

What’s with Rin and Kagome?

Rin was my favorite character, despite being a minor one overall. She did play a very important role in Sesshoumaru’s life and development.

We all know Kagome was the reincarnation of Kikyo, in the modern times. She was dragged into the past and everything unraveled. She then returned to the modern times for 3 years and then she managed to go back to the feudal era.

Rin was killed by wolves and Sesshoumaru brought her back to life. At least twice.

However, we had a weird encounter at some point, when Jaken was poisoned and he needed a special berry about which only Jinenji knew. When Rin went to him, he was in his human form and refused to see anyone. She insisted in seeing him and he said Rin reminded him of Kagome, whom he met earlier.

This made me think that Rin was also a reincarnation of Kikyo, but in the Feudal era. When Kikyo was resurrected using part of Kagome’s soul, it was said that only one of them could be alive at the same time.

Kikyo went on “living” with souls from the dead. Rin was killed but then resurrected as well. This happened after Kagome came to the Feudal times.

So, what if Kagome returning to the Feudal era after 3 years actually caused something to happen to Rin? Of course this was not on purpose and was not planned. It was only because the soul of a person can reside in just 1 body at any given time.

I hope we’ll have all the answers by the end of this new show.

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Reviewing 2 Short Films (with spoilers)

Short films are sometimes under-rated: almost nobody pays attention to them, but sometimes they can surely pack a punch.

“Toyland” (2015)

This is a short film by Jochen Alexander Freydank, and is spoken in German. You can watch it at this Youtube link. There are English subtitbles, if you don’t speak German.

Spoilers ahead!

Around the World War II, a Jewish boy, David, and a German boy, Friedrich, are friends and learn how to play the piano together. One day, Friedrich sees David’s mother upset and asks his own why. She says that his friend’s family will have to leave soon to “Toyland.” Friedrich wants to go there as well, despite his mother telling him he cannot go. He runs away from home and his mother realizes where he might have gone. She makes it in time to the train station and manages to convince the Nazi soldiers her son was accidentally put on the train that was about to leave towards the concentration camp. She makes David come to her, by calling him “son” in front of everyone. David’s parents are shocked to hear and see all this, but they reluctantly let and push David towards her. David is thus saved from the horrors of the concentration camp and lives with Friedrich until old age. 

This short film is 13 minutes and 55 seconds long, including the credits. At least 12 minutes of it is full of emotions and more:

  • The desire of a little boy to go to a “dreamland”
  • A mother’s despair seeing her son has gone missing
  • Hatred against Jews
  • The pain of some parents giving up their son, in hopes for a (better) future for him
  • Nostalgia
  • Courage
  • Friendship

So many emotions punching you all at once in this film is surreal.

Rating: 5/5 stars – go watch it, after all it’s so short it fits in your lunch break!

“Confusions of a Wasted Youth” (2017)

Confusions of a Wasted Youth is a film by Youtuber Karolina Żebrowska. It’s her graduation short film.

This film is spoken in English, can be watched here and Karolina herself analyses it in this video.

There is little dialog in this short film, and most of what happens should be understood through imagery, acting, and actors’ face expressions.

Karolina says she understood now everything that is wrong with her production, but I say she’s only partially right.

For instance, she picks on the clothes she chose. What I didn’t mention was that this film is supposed to be a comedy set in the Victorian times.

Karolina points out that the chosen clothes were modern and not at all similar to those from the chosen time period.

The untrained eye, in my opinion, wouldn’t realize this, not at first glance. Even if they realize it, they’ll be bothered by other aspects more, like it bothered me, see the 2 points below:

  • For instance, the main character works as a maid. The mansion she works in, however, has little furniture and looks rather abandoned. This is very confusing: is the family impoverished that they had to sell the furniture? If so, how do they afford a maid?
  • At the beginning of the film, the maid goes in one of the storage rooms to take something she needed. The camera angle at this point is VERY bad in my opinion. The camera should have been lowered or set further from the focus point.

Karolina points out they used a printed image to “act” as a painting, and this can be seen clearly. She blames the tiny budget she had, and this can be partially forgiven.

She doesn’t like the long scenes without dialog, one after the other. These didn’t bother me at all. I think that when done well, they can tell the story quite well, or maybe better than the dialog can.

Rating: 2.5/5 stars – i think you need to know before-hand what this film is all about, to be able to enjoy it or understand it.

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