Ciuc Radler Beer Raspberry and Lemon “Beer” – Taste testing

Hello everyone!

This is another taste testing … entry!

Today we’re taste testing the Ciuc Radler Beer Raspberry and Lemon “beer.” Here we have a beer with no alcohol content, but with raspberry and lemon flavor!

DISCLAIMER/WARNING! please don’t drink alcohol and drive. And please don’t drink too much either!

We went out searching for a small decoration that was supposed to be 50% off. The store did have the item, but not this promotion. They had a promotion of buy 3 themed items, pay just for 2 of them.

On our way back, we stopped by the grocery store and i suddenly wanted some beer, but nothing serious. And now you understand why this “beer” came home and onto my site.

Ciuc is a popular beer brand over here. I’m not a beer drinker, mostly because it’s bitter and it seems to mostly come in large quantities. A bit too large containers for me to drink all of it.

Ok, you might say that <beer can only be enjoyed in large quantities> … and i would agree with you if i were a fan of it.

So, speaking of the quantity of product, in this can we have 0.33 liters. Regular beer cans are usually 0.5 liters. This means my can is smaller.

Below you can see the ingredients:

As you can tell, it is 60% lemonade and 40% blond beer with no alcohol. Despite this, on the can it is (more or less) clearly mentioned that this should be consumed by people over the age of 18. You can see the warning in the image above, cut-off.

For those who don’t know, in Romania we’re allowed to drive, vote, and drink, when we turn 18. And we can drink whatever alcohol we want. We’re also supposed to only buy cigarettes starting at 18, but i’m pretty sure kids under 18 do smoke.

Also, please don’t drink alcohol and drive. And please don’t drink too much either!

If you were to read the ingredients, you’ll see the lemonade is a piece of crap, there’s also carrot (=morcov) in there. On top of it, the percentage of lemon and raspberry (=zmeura) are very, very low.

How does it taste?

Let’s open it up!

OOOh, it’s pink! And there’s a rather strong smell of what i expect actual raspberry lemonade to smell like.

The smell is close enough to fresh raspberries, and i cannot sense any beer smell. Not a bad thing.

So, the taste is also very close to that of raspberry. In fact this flavor is overpowering. I can’t tell i’m drinking a beer, i can’t tell i’m drinking a lemonade either, let alone a mix of the two.

It is also pretty sweet. But not very much so. I get the need of swallowing a few times more after ingesting it, as i feel something is stuck in my throat.

And this is what it looks like, in a transparent glass!

The color is darker than what the package and the few drops on the can suggest.

It is very blurry, as you can see, it’s not just the angle or position or bad lighting.

The drink itself is quite fizzy. I’d compare the level of fizzyness to 7up i guess? (i didn’t have it in some time). Definitely not as much bubbles as in Cola or Pepsi.

The fizziness went pretty fast. After the fizzy effect is gone, the beer taste can be felt a bit more. Especially if you drink it fast. -I kept a bit in the glass so i can properly write this taste review.

At the same time, the raspberry flavor felt more fake and was definitely not overpowering anymore. I couldn’t feel any carrot and any lemon before or after the fizz.


Hmm, i’m not sure. Maybe 3 glasses out of 5 glasses with the fizz? LOL

Without fizz, i’d say 2.5 glasses out of 5 glasses.

I’d say this drink is a summery / girly drink. I don’t think many men would reach for this beer in a supermarket r even when going out to drink.

You should get it if you want to drink some beer, but you don’t really like the beer taste. Or if you like lemonades and/or raspberry.

You can also skip it and choose something else.

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Lord Nelson Lemon Black Tea

Hello Everyone! Long time no see, huh?

It’s time to drink tea again! This time, we’ll be tasting the Lemon Black Tea by Lord Nelson.

This is not a sponsored post, and it was mother who gave me the tea.

So that’s what the box looks like. And on one of its sides, we can see the LIDL logo. I don’t have LIDL next to my place, so I don’t shop there, and I can’t remember seeing this brand of tea in other supermarkets.

I’ll go ahead and assume it’s a LIDL brand -feel free to correct me if i’m wrong.

The tea is already packaged in 20 small pyramid bags – apparently this is better for flavor diffusion. I have no idea.

So this is what the tea box looks like inside, when you open it.

According to the box, there are just 3 ingredients in these bags: tea, lemon and flavors.

This is great because you don’t want many ingredients. I’d be fine without the flavor, and have just the tea and lemon. But, what can you do….

According to the box, for the best result, you need 200ml boiling water for one pyramid of tea thing.

The 2 images here are merged into a single picture, in Paint.

In reality, i put 1 pyramid in any cup i find. The brewing time says not longer than 5 minutes, right? Sometimes i let it brew for more than 30 minutes because i forget about it. Luckily, the taste just intensifies, but not too much as not to be able to drink this anymore.

For this taste testing, i used an H&M Home cup with animal print. If i’m not mistaken, the capacity of this cup is 200 ml.

I have 2 identical cups (read more about this here), but below it’s just 1 cup from different angles. I also merged 2 images together, like above.


This tea is flavored, and the lemon can clearly be felt while drinking. I can also feel some lemon flavor when i bring the cup next to my face.

The taste is better, nicer, more flavored, when the drink is still warm. This is not a bitter tea like i used to think some years back. I have no idea what changed, but i found this tea a bit on the sweet side.

It becomes slightly bitter when left to brew for longer. This means that yes, i try to not let it brew for too long.

As it cools, the lemon flavor in the taste goes away, it can only be sniffed. As it cools, it also become a bit bitter. Even when completely cold, this drink doesn’t become bitter. If you can drink black coffee, then you can definitely drink this tea with nothing in – sugar, milk, honey.

Adding honey or brown sugar make it taste really good, especially when it’s warm. I drink it faster when i add sugar or honey.

The color in real life is closer to that in the right-side image. I took both pictures in natural day light, while the tea was still pretty hot.

As it cools, the color becomes darker as well. Maybe just slightly darker than in the left-side image.


I give this tea 4.5 stars out of 5.. Or should that be 4.5 tea bags out of 5? Look at me trying to sound funny.

I am not sure what would need a tea to make me rate it 5/5, so this should be good enough.


With such a high rating, you bet! i recommend it! Give it a try! If you don’t like it, send it over 😉

And this is my taste testing for Lord Nelson Black tea with Lemon

For the Curious

Besides the tea, you also saw the following items:

  • Tea cup: H&M Home – a collection from 2019 i think?
  • Saucer plate: ARPO Porcelain, vintage. This Romanian company doesn’t exist anymore.  😦 I’ll write a blog entry about my porcelains and stuff.
  • Teaspoon: Vintage, made in Japan, stainless steel from a set for 12 people i found back in 2019.

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