The Shadowscapes Tarot – 3 of cups

Hey everyone!

Today it’s time we look at another tarot card interpretation. This time, it’s the Three of Cups from the now-familiar Shadowscapes Tarot deck.

I don’t know what else to say as an intro, so I’ll jump into things.

What do we see?

The first thing we see is the main color of the card, blue. There is another color or mix of 2 colors that stand out: green or green/yellow.

The next things we see on this card are the 3 mermaids, each holding a cup. One or two of them appear to be pouring a liquid from their cups into the cup of the 3rd mermaid.

We can only see what’s inside two of the cups. The contents of the 3rd cup are concealed from our view due to the angle. We also cannot see the face of the mermaid holding this cup as she’s facing the other 2 and thus we can only see her back.

We can only see the complete face of one of the mermaids and half of the face of another. These are the ones seeming to pour liquid from their cups into the 3rd. While the gesture of pouring appears, there’re no drops spilling out of their cups.

But what if instead of wanting to pour into the 3rd mermaid’s cup, they stopped pouring? And what if the 3rd mermaid wants to pour out her cup?

All the mermaids have long and wavy hair. Their hair endings form spirals. The color of their hair is white with blue and gray.

The tail part of their bodies is in the water, while their torsos are out of the water. The water appears like a whirlpool around them. At the same time, the whirlpool forms a perfect circle around them.

Another element we see is that these mermaids have extremely long tails. Their tails are also braiding at the ends.

What Does it Mean?

We know that blue is usually associated with sadness. The overall image in this card does look a bit sad.

The color green is often associated with life, new beginnings, and even money.

There’s a sense of mystery, as we see the mermaids, which are mystical creatures. Additionally, what they do is also mysterious. It could be a pagan or some other type of ritual. The mystery is deepened by the fact that one of the creatures is not facing us and we can’t see what’s in her cup either.

The feeling of mysticism is increased by the circle created by the whirlpool. Circles are associated with witches usually. However, circles have the power to protect those who stay inside of it [during the rituals]. If you know any physics, you know that cylinders [round pillars] are rather strong when compared to pillars of other shapes.

Their tails are braided. Their action and their braided tails give us the impression they’ll always be together. This feeling is intensified by the ritual.

Their action can also mean that 2 of them welcome the 3rd one in their group. This could point to a new encounter, or maybe the number of your family members will increase.

Thi card can also tell you that if you get an idea, you’ll have to take care of it, nourish it. This means that some plans must be thought out carefully before being put into practice.

Remember that the cards of the Minor Arcana can be related to the Major Arcana. The threes are connected to the Empress. [this entry needs editing]

I said earlier: <And what if the 3rd mermaid wants to pour out her cup?> Considering this suite is related to emotions, intuition, relationships, this card could also point to a breakup or separation. This is accentuated by the blue [sad color] of the card. In any case, to make sure this is the “true” meaning of this card, you have to evaluate the other cards around it, as well.

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The Shadowscapes Tarot – Two of Swords

Hello people!

Today we have another tarot card interpretation. Today we have the Two of Swords from the same Shadowscapes deck i own. This entry doesn’t have snippets of the card, because they’re broken on the official site. Instead, i used another image i found on there. If you want to see the card for yourself, please use the link above. 

What do we see?

This card is rich as far as the imagery goes, including the colors used.

I can’t really say there is something that jumps at me first when I look at the card. I’ll mention first the colors i see: purple, brown, yellow, dark gray, and some off-white.

There’s a human figure in the middle/lower half of the card. It wears a long hooded cloak and it holds 2 swords that are crossed. His arms are also crossed.

The figure seems to be facing some branches, but they’re actually to his right, while another single branch is to his left. On a closer look, we can see that he fully blocks the path between the branches. The path appears to be going to a magical place.

Behind him, we can see a swan that holds an orange flower in its beak. This swan also wears what appears to be a necklace with 3 bells.

On one of the branches that are at his right, we can see another swan perching and she’s looking at the human below. In front of the perched swan, we see a heart hanging from a red string. This link takes you to the page where I talk more about the meaning of the red string.

On the branches, around the human figure, we can see little faeries, most of them looking at the human as well. out of the 6 faeries i was able to count, maybe 2 or 3 are looking elsewhere.

There are also a few other elements: green leaves, a hummingbird (i think), a crescent moon resting with its ‘belly’ up. Furthermore, we can also see 2 purple branches. these are high and blend with the sky.

image belongs to Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and it was found on the page of the 2 of swords card, link above.

Interestingly enough, none of the branches have leaves or flowers of any kind on them.

Other elements that can be noticed but perhaps not everyone would pay attention to, are:

  • a full but not perfect circle around the crescent, made by all the branches
  • the various twigs that curl a bit into Fibonacci spirals.
  • the light that surrounds the little faeries
  • quite a few dual elements:
    • 2 swans
    • 2 swords
    • sky and earth
    • light and dark

What does it all mean?

One of the easiest elements to decipher is the duality. This points to a choice the querrent needs to make. This card doesn’t say which choice is better, per see but points at it. It also says that the decision must be made. This choice makes me think of the Lovers card where the characters lose something by choosing their path.

The position of the character suggests that the querrent reached a point where something or someone blocks them from making a choice. it’s highly possible that the person for whom the reading is has to make a choice that will completely change their lifestyle.

This interpretation could make one think of Death. I have yet to interpret this card. 

I think that the key to a better choice is the heart. Where is the heart of the querrent? Remember that the red string is associated with “what’s fated, what’s meant to happen to us.” Following one’s heart will put in motion a string of events that will feel like magic.

Even though you should follow your heart when making this particular choice, you shouldn’t forget your intellect. One can follow their dreams in more than one way, especially at this point in time.

image belongs to Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, found here

The bells on the swan’s neck as well as the swords are meant to remind one to use their brain when choosing, even if they follow their heart. The person must know and pros and cons of each choice. Even when choosing the magical path, one can have some hurdles and not everything will be 100% perfect. This is pointed at by the imperfect circle, the bells, the barely-there Fibonacci spirals.

For example, one wants to be a teacher. They can go to school and get all the credentials needed to teach others in a traditional setting (school). This path can be long and difficult, but not very rewarding. They can still get the needed credentials and become a private tutor. This path is still quite difficult but can be more rewarding in the belong run. The same person can skip the credentials and start an online class, either through a blog or videos, that they could be paid for. Combining the 2nd and 3rd options is also possible. in any case, in this example, the person has at least 4 possible ways in which they can teach others. No matter the option, the person’s future life could be equally stressful, but the rewards will be different.  

Personally, i can’t see in this card, the “classic interpretation” of <denial of truth>.

The card can point to a clashing of ideas and blocked emotions. But this interpretation should be considered based on the other cards as well as the question asked.

  1. Clash of ideas: The querrent needs to find another way to convince others that their vision is better (in the long run).
  2. Blocked emotions: the querrent might need some time or courage to face those emotions. Facing emotions is easier done at night.

This is all I have for this card. See you next time!

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Shadowscapes Tarot – The Lovers VI

The first thing to know about this card is that it is misleading tarot readers, especially those who are new to it.

The traditional meaning is “Union, balance, energy, flow, passion, melding of heart and mind, forming a union or marriage. ” read more here.

In reality, this card, at least in this deck, warns about a breakup or a choice that one must do and that could lead to a separation.

Pay attention to how the couple kisses: his eyes are open as if to check his partner is still there, or as if he knows he’s going to lose her for good.

She’s also reaching for a golden crown that 2 birds are flying away with. This means she’s thinking more of the material world than the spiritual. Or emotional. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it also doesn’t mean she’ll be happy while being surrounded by all the comfort riches can bring.

She already has a crown on her head and another one in her hand, and she obviously can’t wear all 3 at the same time, nor does she have 3 heads. The ones she already has are made of flowers, which means they’ll fade in time.

The one on her head might be made of silver, as it looks gray/white. This means that she longs to be of a higher social status by reaching out towards the golden crown.

They’re surrounded by temptation, one of them right at their feet and has religious symbols, from the Book of Genesis with the snake and the apple.

There is a little humanoid creature that seems to push the snake away a little bit, so that the couple can have their moment. This little creature wonders if their love is pure and if they will fall for temptations, as a closer look reveals it’s the little creature holding the apple:

The card is full of symbols:

  • suns everywhere – above them, on his clothes,
  • circles – at least 4. – 2 of those circles are around the 2 suns
  • the red ribbon -one with which the gold crown is taken away, 2 tied in her hair, 1 in her hand,
  • flowers – calla lilies and roses, at their feet and on the wall behind them,
  • 3 acorns on the wall,
  • 4 pigeons
  • 3 falling feathers
  • 3 crowns
  • a single red heart right at the bottom of the image. It’s so small, one could miss it.

Her dress has stars on it too. This seems to oppose his Sun.

Other oppositions are:

  • Hair: she has black hair – he’s blonde
  • Clothes: Her clothes are dark in color (purple) – his clothes are white (light) colored
  • She holds a crown, he holds a single flower
  • Her ribbons and his belt

This card really seems to be telling us that the choice we have to make is hard. It’s also possible that this card tells us to follow our hearts, and gut feeling. It’s possible, that the couple reached this point after following the path laid out by their hearts.

Or is it that one of them dropped their heart (desires, most likely him, in the image) to follow her? Hence she’s reaching towards the crown.

In any case, this choice is not without regrets, but it has to be made.

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Shadowscapes Tarot – The Fool

Ah! the Fool! First card of the deck. And full of symbols. I feel this deck has more symbols than others, and some cards too are ‘heavier’ in meaning than others. We see a young girl almost throwing herself off of a beautifully decorated column [or is it a column?]

A fox looks at her, almost wondering is she’s going to go through with it or not. Some birds fly around her and a few hold onto some red ribbons, as if trying to stop her. Looking close at her face, I almost feel as if she thinks “whatever happens surely will be better than my current state.” I wonder if she really considered all the dangers, or if she really is prepared to face all the consequences? Some insight from the official page:

It begins with a whispered voice. Serpentine, the song threads through her days and her thoughts, beckoning. Come…come…come…. “Where?” she asks, curious, but there is no response. She ignores the summons, until one day that siren song unexpectedly explodes and fills her to the brim. Its pulse is undeniable. “Where?” she asks again, and this time the steady beat of her heart is the response. […] Meaning: The Fool is a symbol for new beginnings and adventures, pleasure, passion, thoughtless and rash. Like the Fool, you may stand upon the precipice gazing out into the unknown; and there is either an oblivious foolishness to the terrible plunge you may experience, or else a wild spirit of adventure and great faith and knowledge in that which can and will bear you up and guide through the times to come. There are unlimited possibilities opening up for the seeker.

Some insight from the now-closed tarotforum forum:

By silvercrow: “she knows she will be protected. The birds will carry her, the hands will catch her. The fox, her guide, will guide her in the right direction. Below her is love, butterflies, flowers and light, but there’s also bees which can sting and sharp rocks which can hurt as well as darkness and shadows.

By r0sered1ster:the stone monkeys she stands upon, one with a heart, one with a rose and one with a butterfly. Signifying the courage, beauty and transformation she will encounter on her way

By snyc: “So the red ribbons held by the birds that surround and hold The Fool make me think of the sensory ties that hold The Fool back, which are so easily broken if only The Fool has the courage. (These ribbons are also shown in The World, but in The World they have been broken and are wrapped around her arms.) Finally, I view the statue that The Fool stands on as representing memories of the past, visions of the future, feelings, and desires.” “I view The Sun as embodying purpose, and since the right foot is often the foot that takes the first step, now I think that it means the call of purpose is what drives The Fool to take the leap, to take the first step off the cliff…

By kloeyy: “It really gives me a new perspective on the blind faith and the stirred emotion to feel compelled to step forward or leap into the unknown.” Some more ideas from

In terms of finances, the Fool is an extremely positive card. You can expect increase, and furthermore, you will find it in yourself to know that no matter what happens financially, that you will be all right and will “come out on top.” Trust yourself, work hard, and you will do better than you expect.

Some ideas from destinysspiritualjourney blog:

The first thing to be noted about The Fool, is that it is the ‘zero’ card of the major arcana. The Major Arcana, represents important major life influences and is also sometimes seen by readers as a journey, through each and every card in this arcana. I always imagine The Fool as the first card in the tarot deck, some view The Fool as neither first nor last, but as the character wondering through the major arcana. The Fool is the one who experiences the trials of all the cards.

Why is the Fool the one experiencing the trials of the cards? Because humans are Fools without no life experience. Humans are designed to make mistakes in order to become wiser or better people. On this blog, I am the Fool, sharing my experiences through life – more or less. I was born a fool and I will die a Fool, and there is no shame in that.

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Online shopping haul

Not long ago I promised I would show you guys the stuff I bought online, from a Chinese website called

DISCLAIMER: this is not a sponsored post, I bought everything with my own money, and the opinions are my own!

Online shopping is good, as long as you don’t buy clothes, shoes, or expensive electronics. You must pay attention to what others have to say about the seller too, to see if you can trust  – but even then, you can get cheated.

This site wish is easy to use, you can sign up using your gmail account or even your facebook account. I paid with paypal, but I think credit/debit cards are also accepted.

This is what i ordered – a tote, 3 watches (!),  a deck of regular playing cards, and a tarot deck. I also ordered a bra for my friend – it fits her, but i will not show the actual product, and a whetstone to sharpen knives – it never arrived 😦

This is the Shadowscapes Tarot deck, translated into simplified Chinese, i believe. The English card names are at the top of the cards. There is one typing error on one of the cards “nice of cups” instead of “nine of cups, ” which i find quite funny, especially since this is a good card to get in a reading. The typo is barely noticeable, so it doesn’t bother me.

There are 2 extra blank cards included – I guess I can use them in case I lose one. As you can see the cards are quite long, so normal hand shuffling is a bit difficult. Maybe my palms are too short?

My other card deck is a playing one. But the images are with Vampire Knight, as you can see. Vampire Knight is a manga [Japanese comics] by Hino Matsuri. The cards are quite small compared to the tarot. Shuffling them is so easy!

I must admit, when i got them, i thought they’re bigger – before opening them up. I was quite impressed that they were sealed in plastic – the tarot wasn’t. Once i took them in my hand, i thought they’re really cute because of how small they appeared.

I didn’t use them, but I assume in dim light, it will be difficult to tell which card is which, so probably if you ever get your hands on a similar deck, play your games in stronger light.

So these are the watches I got. Why 3? well, i have a small obsession for watches. I have 4 of them in total. One – the first I ever got, is a Michael Kors. [I can’t really remember where it is] I’m not wearing it because it needs a battery and it had a small accident, and lost a decorative plate. I’m pissed about it – I still have it, but I have trouble putting it back with glue it doesn’t stay.

These watches didn’t arrive all at once, though the green ones have been ordered at the same time. The lighter green one was supposed to be more blueish. but the green one looks amazing! The first one to arrive was the one with a black bracelet. It is a mechanical one – the reason I got it. The other 2 cost me $1 each, and $1 shipping for each. I really liked the design, even though they require a battery.

The seller was nice enough to send them with a battery in AND with the hour set for Romania! how cool is that?

The tote is not as big as I thought it would be. I can fit a 15″ laptop in it, if i put it with the narrow side in. And it doesn’t go in all the way – but I rarely take my laptop with me, so that’s fine. It seems well done, though the sewing could have been more straight – in places where it is noticeable.

I like that it has a small inner pocket. The front is purple, and the other side is gray, like the handles and the bottom. The handles are long enough to allow you to wear the bag on the shoulder.


The mechanical watch was the first to arrive, after some 3 weeks.  I thought i will never get to see my tarot deck nor my playing cards – they arrived quite late. The bag also arrived quite fast, but i forgot how fast. I also forgot how fast the other items came, but the 2 green watches arrived 1 week apart – shipped separately, though the seller was the same.

Speaking of sellers, there are many sellers on wish, just like on ebay or etsy. The prices can change from one day to the other, but they’re generally low. If you know me, you’ll know these items were cheap – since I hate spending money on expensive stuff.

site pictures VS real item pictures

There are slight color differences between the real life items and the image you see provided by the seller. The light green watch was the biggest offender, but since i like green, I’m not complaining. My light, though natural, wasn’t the best to take pictures. The tarot deck is less intense, much more pastel. As for the mechanical watch – just like with the others, several colors were available, that’s why mine is not golden.

Sadly, if you have a problem with your item, the customer support is from wish, and it is not the seller. you might also have the “luck” of talking to someone who doesn’t speak English well. You have 30 days for returns or refunds. This means i lost whatever I paid for my whetstone.

This is all for now. See you again next week!

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Tips on testing a new cafe

Last week I went out to have a drink and relax. I had no idea where to go and I just wandered around until I found this cafe called The Drunken Lords.

The cafe, or bar -as I’m not entirely sure what its label is- is located in the Historic Center of Bucharest. This area is full of cafes, restaurants, bars, night clubs, and even random shops, especially those selling wedding gowns. I may show some of these stores in a future entry.

I never went here before, and I often go to new places just because. The downside is that I never know how the service or the drinks are. I came up with a simple and rather sure way of testing out new cafes. I will share my observations with you, because you know, “sharing is caring,” and I started this blog for this particular reason.

Check out the atmosphere of the place.

This means you need to observe “each detail.” For instance, what do the seats and the tables look like? Do they seem comfortable? How many people can they accommodate? What type of decorations are there on the walls? Is there a funny scent, or is it too smoky?

The Drunken Lords had tables for two but tables for 4 or 6 persons as well. The  owner or the designer thought about using a combination of chairs and sofas [or couches] to appeal to the preferences of more people.

I sat on a chair, while my friend used the sofa to sit at the same table.


I really liked the wall decor and this is why I took two pictures of it. One of the walls was completely covered in these old books – most likely nobody would have read them anymore. Among all those books, some really old fashion suitcases were also sprinkled. You can actually see a little bit of one of them in the above picture.

I didn’t take a better picture because it took me minute to realize what was I looking at, and was feeling self conscious taking pictures. On another wall, the designer used the portrait of a gentleman [see below] – too bad my phone and the spotlight were at a bad angle. I really liked how the middle section was left as it was while the upper and the lower sections seem painted over.


Check the bathroom

You may not need to go, but you should still go wash your hands before consuming anything. This is exactly what I also did. Having a look at the cafe’s restroom is a great indicator of the care they put in serving their clients.

Luckily most of the restrooms I went to while being at a cafe, were CLEAN. They might not have someone to clean the place after each person, nor advanced Japanese toilets, but you won’t feel like throwing up while walking in there.

McDonalds restroom. [post edited in 2017]
I never sit on the toilet seat, but that’s a different story. This restroom was not only clean, but it was nicely scented too. They have one for the ladies and one for the gents, separated, unlike many other places. 2 people can go in 2 separate stalls at the same time, and there were 2 sinks with soap and paper towel dispensers as well.

Can you tell I was nicely impressed?

Pay attention to the staff

Of course, many people would pay attention to the staff, and notice faster if the staff is rude or not polite enough. The guys on duty on that evening were all smiles and excited to talk to me and my friend. This made the experience more relaxed and much more pleasant.

There is one slight minus that happens virtually everywhere I go: when the order came, there was no napkin in sight! 0.0 I realized this when it was too late, and took my own out [taken from another cafe. When our waiter noticed, he got upset, but he didn’t say a word. ooops] I should have asked for some, but I’m not sure why I didn’t.

The way your bill is presented at the end is also important. Since you’re going to a more fancy place, you should receive it inside a little something, and not just given in your hand. Different locations have different ways of presenting it: in glasses, inside small fancy looking boxes, or specially created cases.

Place your order

This step is one of the most important one when going to a cafe or restaurant. However you must be prepared ahead of time.

What I like doing is quite simple, and uses common sense [I noticed not many people still have it these days, sadly].

I order some drinks I really like and that are super easy to get right or fail. [Well, I also pay attention to the quantity and the price, to see how ‘fair’ they are or if they’re trying to rip customers off – this is something that happens at times].


We ordered a lemonade and a hot chocolate with a side of a standard drink – Pepsi Cola [hey, Pepsi folks! can I get some change here for advertising your drink? =P LOL]. Pepsi was the last resort if we hated the other two drinks 😉

Lemonade is something REALLY easy to make. And it might sound ridiculous to some of those reading this entry, but I had a few places bringing me a NASTY lemonade. If they don’t know how to make a decent lemonade, how are they going to make other more complicated drinks?

The staff at The Drunken Lords made a nice lemonade for me. Its size was decent too – not too large and not too small either. I also found its price rather fair, so I can’t complain in this regard.

Hot chocolate is something that I had a bad experience with on a few occasions. This one was a good one, and therefore I have no complaints here either. The bad experiences were related to watered down chocolate, and the drink not being hot enough [at the same time too at least once], OR it being a pudding chocolate.

Hot chocolate is supposed to be like hot Nutella and a bit more creamy or liquid when hot. And the barista at The Drunken Lords did just that. YAY! [can I get some cash for advertising Nutella as well?]

All in all, I had a nice time there. I also liked it because at the time it was mostly empty, so it was more quiet. The music was nice as well. At least in the beginning of my stay, because I can’t remember the whole playlist, but the music was pleasant all the way.

If you’re in Bucharest, you should totally check this place out. This is their website.

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