Nana, a Romanian sweet snack

This is a sweet snack called “Nana Baton de casa cu lapte.”

“Nana – Baton de casa cu lapte” is a small dessert made in Romania that I never had before. today. I actually type this right after I had it. The name means something like “home made bar with milk,” and if you ask me, there’s a comma missing.

The picture is mine, post appeared on a different site, and now it got moved here.

My first thoughts when I bought it last night were “this is so small…” And well, at 40 grams [or 1.41 ounces] it’s really small. It’s also one of the cheapest desserts you can get from the store, as it costs 1 leu – 0.26 US Dollars or 0.21 Euro.

The picture is mine, post appeared on a different site, and now it got moved here.

There are 3 flavors: this one with nuts on green, with apricots on orange and plain – but I forgot its color. These can be found in the chocolate section of Mega Image [the most wide-spread chain supermarket we have].

The ingredients are written in Romanian, Hungarian and English. They are: sugar, whole milk powder (26%), vegetable fat, cacao powder min 5%, walnuts 10%, water and potassium sorbate [E202] as a preservative. Clearly, you should steer away from it if you have allergies or are vegan.

First bite makes you think “This is not too bad,” however when you’re half way through the bar, you suddenly realize it’s “TOO sweet!” and you think you’ll never be able to finish it. Or at least these were my thoughts. It also tastes a lot like milk.

The best way to describe its taste is “hot chocolate in solid form” or something very close to that.

I hope that you get to have a taste of it if you see it in a store near you, or have Romanian friends that can send some.

P.S. when i went to the store, i decided to take a picture of the other 2 flavors. I think the tartan design is meant to suggest it’s a good snack to have at school?

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