Tasting a Korean Plum-flavored soda

Hello everyone!

Today I’m trying another soft drink from South Korea. Some of you might remember I previously tasted a cherry blossom drink from this country. You can read more about that one here. While I was disgusted by that soda, I hoped that this one would be different.

A few weeks ago we went to the KJ Center, the store where we can find many snacks, noodles, drinks, and more, mostly from South Korea, some from Japan, and some even from China. As you can expect, we got some snacks and some noodle soups.

I saw this drink and due to the price, I decided to get it. Speaking of the price, it cost around just 1USD, so really affordable. I lost the receipt of this purchase, so I’m not 100% sure this is the correct price, but pretty sure.

So this what the soda can looks like. As you realized, I delayed drinking this soda as I really wanted to talk about it here, on my site. But the time of truth came, and here we are.

Perhaps, you can’t really tell from this picture, but the can is rather small. It contains just 180 ml of liquid (sorry, I don’t know how much is this in liquid ounces). Most soda cans in Romania are either 200 or 250 ml while beer cans are 500 ml.

How about we have a look at the list of ingredients?

The good thing about this drink is that there are just a few ingredients listed. Many other cheap drinks have double the amount listed. It might be hard for you to tell, but here there are just 9 items listed, with plums (“prune”) being listed twice. Of course, they’re not real plums, just flavors or something else that I can’t even explain.

If they used real plums, the price would have been much higher. Another ingredient we see is apples (“mere”). This ingredient is key to this drink, as I’ll explain later on,

So, what does it look and taste like?

When I opened the can, the first thing I did was sniff the drink. It smelled sweet, and even though the aroma was familiar, i couldn’t tell what it was. I must say I didn’t even look at the list of ingredients before opening the can, as I wanted the experience to be a real surprise.

But then, I poured it in the glass and everything made sense:

The soda looks, smells, and tastes exactly like apple juice. I use the term ‘juice’ here in a more loose manner.

Personally, I have no idea what green plums should taste like, but I’m pretty sure they shouldn’t taste like apples. I’m not sure what I expected, probably something sour or maybe a bit bitter. In any case, I didn’t expect apples! This was rather disappointing.

I should mention that this is not a fizzy drink at all. I’m pretty sure you can see it from the image above too. I thought/expected it would be fizzy. This aspect didn’t bother me at all, just surprised me a little bit.

Did I like it? yes, sure. I mean, I like apple juice (again, a loose term here), so I didn’t find the taste as repulsive or anything. It didn’t taste very sugary, or at least not more than a regular bottle of apple soda.

As a side note, over here, most apple sodas i drank in Romania taste very similar to real apple juice.


It’s hard to rate this soda, but I’ll try…

I guess I’ll give it 4.5 apples out of 5 apples and 0 plums out of 5 plums.

I recommend you try too if you see it in any store near you, and share your opinion as well!

See you next time!

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