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Welcome to the new site dedicated to reviews!

This site is a sister or spin-off site for Obscure Journey if you will.

This is Charly Cross posting, your host.

Since many of the reviews appeared on my other blog/site, and I moved them here, along their pictures. These pictures have the © for ObscureJourney site. However, i am the author of those pictures so I won’t edit them.

The only pictures I don’t own or didn’t make, are the ones I used for the movie or shows reviews. 

Anyways, feel free to browse around – menu at the top and on the side.


From the newest to the oldest.

What’s going on in Yashahime? (anime related thoughts and a theory)

The Wheel of Fortune X (tarot card interpretation)

Genji Monogatari -1987- (anime movie)

Ten of Swords (tarot card interpretation)

Seven of Swords (tarot card interpretation)

Seven of Cups (tarot card interpretation)

Ace of Cups (tarot card interpretation)

Feel the Beat (2020, Netflix movie)

Toyland (2015) & Confusions of a Wasted Youth (2017) -short films

The Fireman – book by Joe Hill, spoilers. brief review.

Mara Mura – a cake shop

Coloring book for adults -and coloring pencils (reviews and ideas)

Little update May18, ’20 – about affiliate links

Sour cherry and vanilla tea (taste testing)

Fantasy Island (2020 movie, spoilers and critique)

made at home – sewing book for beginners

Korean cherry blossom soda 

Terminator: Dark Fate -spoilers, analysis, review

Aisuru by Ioana Lee

3 Romanian cakes -blog entry preview

Angels by Marian Keyes (book)

Veritas Janis (sewing machine)

2 of cups -short interpretation